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Advancing from Good To Great!

What's different about COSi?   Everything!

Our award winning business coaching and training program is unique - it combines a proven set of management tools that empower your people to work in teams to find, and then solve, problems that will rapidly enhance business performance - increasing valuation by 6-7 figures, Guaranteed!


Since 2001, COSi has worked with over 4,000 business leaders from over 100 small to mid-sized companies become profitable, high peformance businesses.

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"The COSi program helped Trinity Products achieve record sales and profitability in addition to creating a winning culture."

Robert Briggs - President
Trinity Products

"Without COSi education, Century Fasteners would not be in business today."

Gail Glasser – President
Century Fasteners & Machine Co

"The methodology not only improves sales and profitability but empowers my people to make a very positive impact on a daily basis."

Victoria Rock - President
Victoria’s Court Reporting

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