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About Wild Saffron

Photographer/Owner: Sharon Strickland

I have 15 years of photography experience. I chose boudoir photography because my purpose in life is to empower women and show them how amazing they are. Making a difference in the world is my mantra.

I do not discriminate. I will photograph men, gay couples and transgender. I am here to empower and honor all that ask me to be a part of their transformation.

Since I was a little girl, I lived and breathed art.
Through creativity, vivid imagery and drawing, I was able to escape.

Art was my haven from the
drudgery and darkness of my childhood.


As I developed from a young girl into a young woman,
I found refuge in photography and painting.

I studied light and shadows, the power of color,
and the brilliant landscapes of the human body.

Photography is light.
It heals and transforms fears into passion and endless possibilities.


I am in love with the intricate details of the world around me,
and through JOY, LOVE, LIGHT and LAUGHTER, 
I will help transform ALL human beings into seeing
ultimate truth and beauty.


Together we will REVEAL your true beauty, as you are.
I will edify and empower YOU.

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