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About Tom

I am passionate about helping you start, grow and manage your business by sharing my extensive Corporate and Banking experience to help you start your online business or small business the right way.

My passion for business was ignited through a childhood spent observing the entrepreneurs in my family: in my Grandmother's General Store or visiting Uncle Jack’s Grocery Store or Uncle Luther’s Bakery or Uncle Paul’s Used Car Lot, and working in my Father and Mother's Soft Drink Bottling Factory.

It was always great fun for me to visit my relatives businesses, and as a child I saw them as grand and wonderful adventures. As an adult, I still look at businesses as grand and wonderful adventures, and that is where the fun begins.

As an adult I spent thirty years visiting businesses only this time in my role as a Risk Management Consultant and eventually as the CEO of a $350 million dollar National Bank.

Over the years I got to see first hand what businesses do to be successful.

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