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A Woman’s Worth; A New Day Has Dawned, is about honesty, courage, strength, wellness and having the life that belongs to you.
The Author Toni Gorman is very honest about her childhood and how it shaped her and her values.
Find out how she walked away into a new day, filled with healthy love for herself, values, joy and most of all freedom to create the life she wants.



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About the Author


Toni Gorman
Author & Founder of www.ToniGorman.com

Toni Gorman is a Pathfinder and network connector. She is the author of
A Woman's Worth; A New Day has Dawned and media host of the upcoming
web TV show The Pathfinder: Creating the Life you Want.

Gorman specializes in issues surrounding values, self-worth, and facilitates
focused change. She has lived through a life of broken values, found her
self-worth, and changed her focus to find her own path. As a Pathfinder
herself, she helps people get unstuck and moving in the right direction.
This includes finding other experts to help people get to where they need
to be. She can relate to diverse people of all backgrounds.

Get ready! A new day has dawned!


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Speaking Topics:

  • Pretty Girl Syndrome
  • Deconstruct and Reconstruct your Life
  • Live North or Die Here
  • Finding the Diana Ross in you
  • Removing the Spec from your Eye
  • Self Worth and Values
  • From Weeds to Flowers

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