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Nancy Philpott, R.N.

About the Author

Nancy Philpott, R.N., Hypnotherapist, CEO, Founder, & Chief Transformation Officer for HeartSyncâ„¢ and Creator of the HeartSyncâ„¢ Relationship Reinvention Series helps smokers who are stuck in a try to stop , fail, and feel bad about me pattern finally stop trying and achieve permanent stop smoking success. Her 7+7+7 formula is specifically designed to help smokers, who like her, failed to quit smoking using everything else, achieve success in 21 days.  


After more than 37 years as a smoker Nancy quit smoking permanently using hypnosis and self-hypnosis strategies to reinvent her relationship with smoking and continues to remain smoke free. She trained and became a Certified Hypnotherapist, established a hypnosis practice, and has performed more than 6,000+ individual and group hypnosis sessions helping others interrupt their smoking pattern, reinvent their relationship with smoking, and remain permanently smoke free.


Her vision and goal is to help 121,000 + smokers reinvent their relationship with smoking, stop smoking, and create the habit of achieving their dreams by December 31, 2015. She created the book and a 21 Day Smoke Free Challenge to help smokers prepare for and achieve stop smoking success.

If you’re ready to stop trying to smoke, failing, and feeling bad about yourself buy the book and join the 21 Day Smoke Free Challenge at and reinvent your relationship with smoking, stop smoking, and remain permanently smoke free.