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Simple, affordable, and practical small business marketing tips from a Duct Tape Marketing consultant.

with Simple, affordable, and practical marketing tips for small business owners

Small Business Marketing Minute


Learn how to use the Duct Tape Marketing System, widely regarded as the world's most successful small business marketing system. Our practical how-to tips, advice, and real-life examples will teach you what you need to know to implement this system in your business. Take the mystery out of your marketing and get inspired to grow your business! Marketing topics covered on the podcast will include marketing strategy, inbound marketing tactics, online marketing, lead generation, sales, referral generation, and much more. Most episodes will last just a few minutes so that you can fit them into your busy schedule, but occasionally episodes featuring special guests will run a bit longer.

  • Welcome Message and Free Bonus Gifts

    Released on July 1, 2014 Duration: 00:02:07

    Welcome to the first episode of the Small Business Marketing Minute podcast! As a thank-you for subscribing to the podcast, I'd like to offer you three bonus gifts: a free ebook, two free workbooks, and free access to my Video Marketing 101 training course. Watch this episode to find out how to grab your free bonus gifts.

  • Starbucks, Beer, and Small Business Marketing

    Released on July 2, 2014 Duration: 00:03:17

    What do Starbucks, beer, and the "F" word have to do with small business marketing? Find out in the first episode of my video podcast, where I tell the story of a small business owner who stood up to a major corporation and got a lot of great media attention in the process!

  • Outsource Marketing Tasks

    Released on July 3, 2014 Duration: 00:02:32

    If you own a small business, chances are you wear many hats: accountant, salesperson, HR manager, and of course marketing director. To a certain degree, you will need to be involved with each of these areas of your business–there’s just no getting around that. However, in many cases you can save time and money by outsourcing some of these tasks to third party independent contractors. Today, I teach you how to outsource common marketing tasks in your business.

  • Create a Marketing Calendar

    Released on July 4, 2014 Duration: 00:02:15

    Nowadays, it seems like there’s an online tool or iPhone app for doing just about everything. Sometimes, this can really make your life easy and save time. However, other times it just makes something that should be very simple more complicated than it needs to be. When it comes to helping myself complete marketing tasks in my business, I found that a simple, old school method can be very effective. So, in today's episode, I share how to create a low-tech marketing calendar for your small business.

  • Call Your Business

    Released on July 5, 2014 Duration: 00:03:13

    One very easy way to generate know, like and trust among prospective customers is making sure that when someone calls your business, they have a good experience on the phone. In this episode, I share some tips on how to increase the likelihood that this will happen.

  • Think Like a Retailer

    Released on July 6, 2014 Duration: 00:03:46

    When it comes to designing your small business website, you need to "think like a retailer". When a retail store is built, the layout is designed by psychologists to take advantage of the way that people think and act when they shop in a retail store. Their goal is to get people to spend more money while they're in the store. In today's episode, I teach you how to take advantage of the way that people think and act when they use the internet, so that you can get more leads from your website.

  • Trade Show Tips

    Released on July 9, 2014 Duration: 00:05:11

    Whenever I visit a trade show, I see many businesses making big mistakes in their vendor booths that make it more difficult for them to get leads. In order to keep you from making the same mistakes they do, today I thought I’d share five “best practices” to help you get more customers from trade shows, fairs, conferences, or any other situation involving the typical “vendor booth” scenario.

  • Does your marketing feel like a game of darts?

    Released on July 9, 2014 Duration: 00:04:12

    All too often, small business owners have a marketing plan akin to throwing darts at the wall and hoping something sticks. I recreated this experience in the form of a game, which I used as a conversation starter at my vendor booth at a small business expo. In this episode, I describe how the game helped business owners see the futility of this "dart-board" approach to marketing.

  • No More Secrets

    Released on July 9, 2014 Duration: 00:02:42

    I was recently in a consultation with a small business owner–a local florist–and we were discussing how creating educational content for her business would help generate leads and customers. We were discussing how creating how-to videos, ebooks, and free workshops about creating great floral arrangements would help people get to know, like, and trust her. It was at that point in the conversation that she made this comment: “Kevin, if I create all of that content you’re suggesting, I’m going to give away all my secrets!” In this episode, I discuss why this is not only a very good idea, but also essential to a successful marketing strategy.

  • Get more from your sponsorships

    Released on July 9, 2014 Duration: 00:05:09

    I recently taught a small business marketing workshop for my local chamber of commerce, and in addition to the chamber it was sponsored by several local businesses. In return for helping promote and finance the event, the sponsors got their name and logo displayed on all promotional materials, and they were also allowed to distribute flyers or brochures to all the attendees. In addition, every sponsor was invited to send a representative to the workshop who was allowed to give a 2-minute commercial for their business to the 25-30 attendees. Interestingly, only half the sponsors took advantage of the opportunity to distribute promotional materials and give a commercial for their business. I believe that the reason is that many businesses actually don’t understand the purpose of sponsorships or how to take full advantage of them, so in today’s episode I would like to discuss how to get more from your sponsorships.

  • Your customers want to hear from you

    Released on July 10, 2014 Duration: 00:05:00

    I recently had a small business owner in my group coaching program who was resistant to the idea of email marketing. She’s from a small, tight-knit community and knows many of her customers personally, and she was afraid that she would damage those relationships by sending emails “pestering” those people to “buy her stuff”. This isn’t the first time I’ve had a business owner express this sentiment to me, so I want to take some time in today’s post and debunk this idea once and forever. The truth is, not only do your customers want to hear from you, it’s actually bad customer service not to keep in touch with them!

  • The power of saying thank you

    Released on July 11, 2014 Duration: 00:03:42

    As a Duct Tape Marketing Consultant, I teach people that the definition of marketing is convincing a member of your target market–someone who has a need for your products or services–to know, like, and trust your business. Many things that wouldn’t usually be considered “marketing” actually are considered marketing when this definition is applied, and one of those things is saying thank-you to your customers. In today's episode, I discuss how you can grow your business simply by thanking your customers.

  • Why your business needs a Verruckt

    Released on July 14, 2014 Duration: 00:04:04

    The Verruckt water slide, the tallest water slide in the world, opened last week in Kansas City. The event received extensive coverage in national media, including multiple stories on NBC nightly news. Learn how you can create buzz and excitement about YOUR business in today's episode.

  • How NOT to Use LinkedIn for Networking

    Released on July 15, 2014 Duration: 00:07:04

    Just as in the offline world, there is a right way and a wrong way to network online. In this episode, I share a story about a business owner who used (or, I should say attempted to use) LinkedIn the WRONG way for networking, and then give two examples of how to use LinkedIn the RIGHT way.

  • Naming your small business

    Released on July 16, 2014 Duration: 00:03:12

    What you name your business is a very important marketing decision and could have a big effect on your bottom line. So, what should you take into account when naming your small business? In this episode, I suggest some things that you should consider regarding your business name.

  • Duct Tape Marketing Explained

    Released on July 17, 2014 Duration: 00:05:31

    The Duct Tape Marketing system is one of the most successful small business marketing systems ever created. As an authorized Duct Tape Marketing consultant, I use the system in my business and teach it to my clients. In this episode, I explain what exactly the system is and how it got started.

  • Treat your customers well...or else.

    Released on July 18, 2014 Duration: 00:05:56

    If you’re a news junkie like I am, you may have seen a story last week about a customer service call to cable giant Comcast that didn’t exactly go very well. A customer called Comcast to cancel his service, and instead of simply honoring the request, the representative on the phone gave the poor guy the run-around for over eight minutes. Little did the service representative know that the guy was recording the call, and subsequently posted it to the internet, where it promptly went viral. In this episode, I talk about how to keep this type of customer service disaster from happening in YOUR business.

  • The Power of Setting Goals

    Released on July 21, 2014 Duration: 00:05:24

    Setting marketing goals for your small business is an important part of a successful marketing strategy. In today's episode, I define what a goal actually is, how you can set marketing goals for your business, and what steps you can take to increase the likelihood you will achieve them. I also share one of my current goals and invite you to do the same.

  • Tool of the Week: Buffer

    Released on July 22, 2014 Duration: 00:02:51

    In my "Tool of the Week" segment, I discuss a tool, app, or software program that small business owners can use to save time, money, or both, especially as it relates to their marketing. In my first tool of the week episode, I talk about how I use Buffer to help me with social media marketing.

  • Common Advertising Mistakes (Part 1)

    Released on July 23, 2014 Duration: 00:05:54

    Why is most small business advertising not cost effective? In this two-part series, I take a look at some common small business advertising mistakes and tell you how to fix them.

  • Common Advertising Mistakes (Part 2)

    Released on July 24, 2014 Duration: 00:07:00

    In part 2 of my 2-part series on common small business advertising mistakes, I cover how to create an effective 2-step ad (also known as a direct response ad) for your business.

  • Identify your ideal customer

    Released on July 25, 2014 Duration: 00:06:57

    In order for your marketing to be successful, its critical that you spend some time narrowly defining your ideal customer so that you can craft the right marketing message. In this episode, I teach you a simple exercise that will allow you better understand who your ideal customer really is.

  • 50 Lead Generation Tactics

    Released on July 28, 2014 Duration: 00:05:09

    Business owners love learning about simple, low cost methods for generating more leads. In this episode, I share a few great ideas that have been used successfully by actual businesses working with Duct Tape Marketing Consultants around the country.

  • Tool of the Week: LogMyCalls

    Released on July 29, 2014 Duration: 00:13:39

    My Tool of the Week this week is LogMyCalls, a unique call tracking and analytics service for small businesses. My special guest is McKay Allen, the content marketing manager at LogMyCalls. In our interview, he describes how their proprietary software can automatically analyze thousands of calls to help companies improve their marketing. Visit to learn more about the service, or visit for a complete list of all tools I've recommended on the show.

  • Creating a Core Difference for your Business

    Released on July 30, 2014 Duration: 00:06:03

    In the second part of a three-part series about creating a marketing strategy for your business, I teach you how you can gain some valuable insight into how your business is different from your competition by interviewing your customers.

  • Getting video testimonials from your customers

    Released on July 31, 2014 Duration: 00:07:15

    Testimonials from your customers are powerful forms of evidence that your business can deliver great results, and the king of the testimonial is the video testimonial. In this episode, I show you a few examples of video testimonials, and teach you how to get them from your customers.

  • Choosing your business email address

    Released on August 1, 2014 Duration: 00:06:03

    In this episode, I explain why it's a bad idea to use a gmail, hotmail, yahoo, or other free email address as your business email address. This is a common mistake many small business owners make. It can send the wrong impression about your business and even send your potential customers directly to your competition.

  • 5 Questions You Should Ask When Networking

    Released on August 3, 2014 Duration: 00:04:46

    One of the least expensive and most effective ways to grow a business--especially a local service-based business--is through referrals, and one of the best ways to get more referrals is through effective networking. However, many business owners are either terrible at networking, or don't like it, or both. In today's episode, I tell you about an organization that can help you become a networking expert, and share with you 5 questions you can ask at a networking event that will help you build great business relationships.

  • Episode 29: Tool of the Week--LastPass

    Released on August 5, 2014 Duration: 00:04:51

    In my Tool of the Week segment, I review a tool, app, or software program that can help small business owners save time, money, or both when it comes to marketing. In this week's segment, I talk about LastPass, an amazing tool that stores and creates passwords for all the websites that require one.

  • Episode 30: How to get your business featured on NBC news

    Released on August 6, 2014 Duration: 00:04:41

    Finding unique and exciting ways to say "thank-you" to your customers isn't just the right thing to do. It's also a very powerful marketing technique, and if done well the benefits to your business can be with the example I give in this episode.

  • Video Equipment Guide

    Released on August 7, 2014 Duration: 00:04:13

    In today's episode, I go over some of the equipment I use to produce my marketing videos, including the videos you see in the podcast.

  • Episode 32: Your Marketing Purpose Statement

    Released on August 8, 2014 Duration: 00:05:48

    In this, the third part of a 3-part series on creating your marketing strategy, I discuss how to craft your marketing message, create your marketing purpose statement, and write a "talking logo" for your business.

  • Episode 33: Mail Call

    Released on August 11, 2014 Duration: 00:05:10

    It's Mail Call Monday! In today's episode, I read some emails from viewers of the Small Business Marketing Minute Show.

  • Tool of the Week: Gleam

    Released on August 12, 2014 Duration: 00:04:46

    In this Tool of the Week segment, I cover an app for running contests and sweepstakes to drive customer engagement with your brand. I also kick off a contest of my own as an example, with the prize of a $100 gift card.

  • Episode 35: The Duct Tape Marketing Hourglass

    Released on August 14, 2014 Duration: 00:06:09

    One of the key parts of the Duct Tape Marketing system is the marketing hourglass. In this episode, I explain what exactly that is, and teach you how to create one for your business.

  • Take 100% Responsibility

    Released on August 15, 2014 Duration: 00:05:10

    In this episode, I teach you one of the fundamental principles you must learn in order to be successful in your marketing, and in anything else that you do--taking 100% responsibility. Watch the episode to learn a simple formula that can help you take responsibility for the results your marketing efforts produce.

  • Re-broadcast of Episode 2: Starbucks, Beer, and Small Business Marketing

    Released on August 20, 2014 Duration: 00:03:49

    Due to an issue with my podcast hosting service that is preventing new episodes of the show from being properly distributed to subscribers, I am re-broadcasting some old episodes until the problem is resolved. Please enjoy this re-broadcast of episode 2, in which I tell a story about a small business owner who stood up to Starbucks and came out looking like a hero.

  • Re-broadcast of Episode 5: Call Your Business

    Released on August 21, 2014 Duration: 00:03:58

    Due to problems with my podcast hosting service, I am temporarily unable to distribute new episodes to subscribers. Please enjoy this re-broadcast of an earlier episode of the show while the problem is resolved. In this episode, I describe how you can improve the experience your customers have when they call your business. It's probably one of the simplest things you can do to improve your marketing.

  • Re-broadcast of Episode 6: Think Like a Retailer

    Released on August 22, 2014 Duration: 00:04:32

    Due to an issue with my podcast hosting service, I am unable to properly distribute new episodes to my subscribers at this time. While the issue is being resolved, please enjoy a re-broadcast of an earlier episode of the show. In episode 6, I describe how thinking like a retailer can help you design a better website for your small business.

  • Back in Business

    Released on August 23, 2014 Duration: 00:03:59

    I'm back in business! The issue with my podcast hosting service has been fixed, and new episodes will once again be coming your way. In this episode, I give you a sneak preview of what's coming up this week, and tell you about one way you can get YOUR business featured on the podcast.

  • How to write a good press release

    Released on August 25, 2014 Duration: 00:06:04

    Getting stories about your business featured in the media can be a great way to generate new leads and customers, and knowing how to write a good press release can help make that happen. In this episode, I talk about how to properly format a press release, and give examples of situations where you might want to use them.

  • Episode 42: Tool of the Week--Press Advantage

    Released on August 26, 2014 Duration: 00:08:58

    In this tool of the week segment, I interview Colton Dale from Press Advantage, a service that writes and distributes press releases for small businesses. We discuss the features of the service, and mention how viewers of the Marketing Minute show can save 50% or even get a free press release for their business.

  • Episode 43: Networking with reporters

    Released on August 27, 2014 Duration: 00:05:22

    Continuing with this week's theme of public relations, in this episode I teach you how to network with reporters online. You must gain the trust of reporters by helping to make their jobs easier, so that when you have a story you'd like to pitch them about your business, they'll be more likely to listen. Doing this is easier than you might think, and I share a few tricks of the trade in this episode.

  • Episode 44: Generating Leads With PR

    Released on August 28, 2014 Duration: 00:05:00

    Continuing with this week's theme of Public Relations, in this episode I cover how to use stories about your business in the media in your lead generation and conversion efforts--even months or years after the stories initially appeared.

  • Episode 45: How to get quoted by the news media

    Released on August 29, 2014 Duration: 00:04:36

    I wrap up my week-long theme of public relations by telling you about an easy way you can find reporters looking for experts to use as sources for their stories (that's you). Getting quoted by the media, while not as spectacular as getting an entire story written about your business, is still a great way to gain authority and credibility in your niche...and it's also not as hard as you might think!

  • Episode 46: Video testimonial examples and copyright question

    Released on September 1, 2014 Duration: 00:06:29

    It's Mail Call Monday on the Marketing Minute Show, and in today's episode I share some examples of video testimonials sent in by viewers of the show. I also answer a question about copyright issues concerning pictures used in marketing materials, and announce the winner of last week's contest. Do you have questions you want answered or marketing success stories to share? Contact the Marketing Minute show at, or fill out the form, or call 844-818-1075 and leave a voicemail message.

  • Episode 47: Tool of the Week--Constant Contact

    Released on September 2, 2014 Duration: 00:06:15

    In this Tool of the Week Tuesday segment, I tell you a few of the reasons that I believe Constant Contact is one of the best email marketing services for small businesses. I also define what exactly an email marketing service does, and some features that you should look for in a good one. Do you have questions you want answered or marketing success stories to share? Contact the Marketing Minute show at, or fill out the form, or call 844-818-1075 and leave a voicemail message.

  • Does your email marketing break the law?

    Released on September 3, 2014 Duration: 00:06:28

    Many small business owners are unknowingly breaking the law when it comes to their email marketing. What they don't realize is that penalties for violating the CAN-SPAM act--the law that governs commercial email in the U.S.--can reach up to $16,000 per email. In this episode, I discuss what exactly qualifies as a commercial email, what a business has to do to be in compliance with the CAN-SPAM act, and what some of the most common violations are. Do you have questions you want answered or marketing success stories to share? Contact the Marketing Minute show at, or fill out the form, or call 844-818-1075 and leave a voicemail message.

  • How to build your email list

    Released on September 4, 2014 Duration: 00:06:13

    Learn best practices for building your email list in today's episode, as well as common mistakes to avoid. Do you have questions you want answered or marketing success stories to share? Contact the Marketing Minute show at, or fill out the form, or call 844-818-1075 and leave a voicemail message.

  • Setting up your email newsletter

    Released on September 5, 2014 Duration: 00:07:01

    Many businesses don't send out an email newsletter because they think it is a very time-consuming process to create one. However, using the method I describe in this episode, you'll be able to publish an email newsletter once a week with less than 15 minutes of work! Do you have questions you want answered or marketing success stories to share? Contact the Marketing Minute show at, or fill out the form at, or call 844-818-1075 and leave a voicemail message.

  • Episode 51: Email marketing for non-profits and opt-in example

    Released on September 8, 2014 Duration: 00:05:28

    In this Mail Call Monday episode, I answer a viewer's question about email marketing for non-profit organizations, and share another viewer's example of the opt-in offer she's using to build her email list.

  • Episode 52: Tool of the week--Fiverr

    Released on September 9, 2014 Duration: 00:05:49

    In this week's tool of the week segment, I talk about, which is a site where you can find freelancers willing to do just about anything for $5. It's a great place to go for simple graphic design projects, video editing, and other marketing-related help.

  • Episode 53: Working with Virtual Assistants

    Released on September 10, 2014 Duration: 00:06:28

    Hiring Virtual Assistants, or VAs, to help with your marketing is a great way to free up your time so that you can focus on what you love to do and what you're good at, rather than simple, mundane tasks like research, data entry, etc. In this episode, I teach you what exactly a VA is, what tasks to use them for, and where you can find some good ones.

  • Episode 54: Avoiding Common Outsourcing Pitfalls

    Released on September 11, 2014 Duration: 00:06:20

    Outsourcing marketing-related tasks can save you a lot of time and money, but when things go wrong it can turn into a costly mistake. Today, I give you a few pointers to avoid some common mistakes businesses make when working with marketing vendors. Do you have questions you want answered or marketing success stories to share? Contact the Marketing Minute show at, or fill out the form at, or call 844-818-1075 and leave a voicemail message.

  • Episode 55: Working with a marketing consultant

    Released on September 12, 2014 Duration: 00:06:14

    Sometimes it can get pretty overwhelming for a small business owner to work with all the various marketing vendors they might need--web designers, graphic designers, printers, copywriters, etc. One person who can help manage all of those people for a small business owner is a marketing consultant. In this episode, I talk about the various types of marketing consultants and how they can help you as a small business owner. Do you have questions you want answered or marketing success stories to share? Contact the Marketing Minute show at, or fill out the form at, or call 844-818-1075 and leave a voicemail message.

  • Episode 56: Find reviews of Virtual Assistants

    Released on September 15, 2014 Duration: 00:03:03

    It's Mail Call Monday on the Marketing Minute show. Today, I share a resource suggested by a viewer for finding reviews of Virtual Assistants, and share a tip from another viewer about a great place to find VAs that I completely forgot about. Call the show hotline at 844-818-1075 or send an email to to share your marketing success stories, give me a marketing tip to share on the show, or ask a question that you'd like me to answer on the show.

  • Episode 57: Tool of the week--Yoast SEO Plugin

    Released on September 16, 2014 Duration: 00:06:14

    In this tool of the week segment, I explain the Yoast SEO plugin for Wordpress, and teach you how it can help you get your website to the top of search results for keywords related to your business.

  • Episode 58: Keyword Research for SEO

    Released on September 17, 2014 Duration: 00:05:05

    Continuing with this week's theme of Search Engine Optimization, today I give you some tips about how to do some quick-and-dirty keyword research so that you can begin optimizing your website. Do you have questions you want answered or marketing success stories to share? Contact the Marketing Minute show at, or fill out the form at, or call 844-818-1075 and leave a voicemail message.

  • Episode 59: Optimizing your website for keywords

    Released on September 18, 2014 Duration: 00:08:55

    In this episode, my strategic partner Chris Fawcett from Third Marble Marketing teaches you how to optimize your website for the keywords that you discovered using the method I taught you in the previous episode. Do you have questions you want answered or marketing success stories to share? Contact the Marketing Minute show at, or fill out the form at, or call 844-818-1075 and leave a voicemail message.

  • Episode 60: SEO for Local Businesses

    Released on September 19, 2014 Duration: 00:08:01

    In this episode, I interview Justin Sturges from Systemadik about best practices for local businesses when it comes to search engine operations. Justin shares some wisdom from his 10 years of experience helping local businesses get to the top of search results.

  • Episode 61: Two-step advertising example

    Released on September 22, 2014 Duration: 00:03:40

    In this episode, I share an example of a two-step ad sent in by a viewer of the show. Do you have questions you want answered or marketing success stories to share? Contact the Marketing Minute show at, or fill out the form at, or call 844-818-1075 and leave a voicemail message.

  • Episode 62: Get Five Star Reviews For Your Business

    Released on September 23, 2014 Duration: 00:12:22

    Over 70% of consumers look at online ratings and reviews when making purchasing decisions, but sometimes getting those reviews can be difficult for a business. My guest on the show today tells you about a great tool that can make the process a lot easier. Do you have questions you want answered or marketing success stories to share? Contact the Marketing Minute show at, or fill out the form at, or call 844-818-1075 and leave a voicemail message.

  • Episode 63: Responding to Negative Reviews

    Released on September 24, 2014 Duration: 00:05:37

    In this episode, I teach you how to respond when a customer leaves a negative review for your business online. If handled correctly, this situation could have a positive outcome...but if handled badly it could turn into a public relations disaster. Do you have questions you want answered or marketing success stories to share? Contact the Marketing Minute show at, or fill out the form at, or call 844-818-1075 and leave a voicemail message.

  • Episode 64: Getting more positive reviews for your business

    Released on September 24, 2014 Duration: 00:04:25

    Sometimes, getting your customers to leave a positive rating and review for your business can be difficult. In today's episode, I teach you how and when to ask for a postive rating and review, and tell you how to make it more likely that your customers will actually follow through and leave you that review. Do you have questions you want answered or marketing success stories to share? Contact the Marketing Minute show at, or fill out the form at, or call 844-818-1075 and leave a voicemail message.

  • Episode 65: Using reviews to get new customers

    Released on September 26, 2014 Duration: 00:04:28

    In this episode, I give you some ideas about how to use positve reviews from existing customers to get new customers. Do you have questions you want answered or marketing success stories to share? Contact the Marketing Minute show at, or fill out the form at, or call 844-818-1075 and leave a voicemail message.

  • Episode 66: The Marketing Catalyst Program

    Released on September 29, 2014 Duration: 00:06:51 844-818-1075 The Duct Tape Marketing Catalyst Program is ideal for busy small business owners seeking a step-by-step marketing solution and system to take their marketing efforts to the next level. Listen to this episode to learn all about the program, hear what's included, and find out how you can join.

  • Episode 67: Tool of the Week--Feedly

    Released on September 30, 2014 Duration: 00:05:27

    This week on the show, I'm covering common small business marketing mistakes. Once very common mistake is tunnel vision--i.e., becoming so absorbed with your own business that you fail to pay attention to what your competitors, customers, strategic partners, vendors, and industry in general is up to. Today, I talk about a tool that can help you keep track of everything I just mentioned in one place.

  • Episode 68: Strategy Before Tactics

    Released on October 1, 2014 Duration: 00:05:32

    In today's episode, I address the number one mistake that small business owners make when it comes to their marketing--putting tactics before strategy. I talk about the difference between tactics and strategy, and give you an example of a typical situation involving a business that is trying to put tactics first.

  • Episode 69: Common Advertising Mistakes

    Released on October 2, 2014 Duration: 00:05:02

    Many small businesses make a very expensive mistake when it comes to advertising--they use advertising as a means of communication instead of a means of capturing leads. In this episode, I explain what the difference is, and how you can avoid making that mistake.

  • Episode 70: No lead conversion process

    Released on October 3, 2014 Duration: 00:05:39

    To wrap up my week-long theme about common marketing mistakes, I travel to the bottom of the sales funnel to cover an expensive mistake that can, in many cases, be easily fixed--failing to have a lead conversion process.

  • Episode 71: Free Trial of Marketing Catalyst Program

    Released on October 6, 2014 Duration: 00:04:59 -- I am now giving podcast listeners the chance to try out my marketing catalyst program free for 2-weeks! The two-week trial includes a 1-hr personal consultation, 2 weekly Q&A coaching calls, access to the Marketing Catalyst membership site, and access to a private Facebook group set up just for the course. Listen to today's episode for details, or just visit this link:

  • Episode 72: Want more referrals? Be different!

    Released on October 7, 2014 Duration: 00:04:47

    In today's episode, I once again remind my listeners that nobody talks about boring businesses. If you want to get more word of mouth referrals, you have to do something unique and exciting in your business. Listen to this episode for a few ideas about things YOU can do to surprise and delight your customers.

  • Episode 73: Renewable Referrals

    Released on October 7, 2014 Duration: 00:11:02 -- Strategic partnerships are one of the most effective ways for a small business to increase referrals, but they are also extremely underutilized. Recently, six Duct Tape Marketing consultants formed a strategic partnership of their own and published a book called Renewable Referrals, which is a step-by-step guide about how to form strategic partnerships with other busienss owners. In today's episode, I interview one of the authors of that book, Kelly Weppler Hernandez.

  • Episode 74: Preferrals, Not Referrals

    Released on October 9, 2014 Duration: 00:13:11

    Getting new business by way of referrals is great...but what about a Preferral? My guest on the show today, Bill Doerr, teaches a unique way of generating referrals that he calls the Preferal Prospecting System. In addition to explaining what exactly that is, Bill also offers several great bonus gifts to podcast listeners to help them with their, "preferral" marketing strategy. Visit to grab those bonus gifts.

  • Episode 75: Business Networking International

    Released on October 10, 2014 Duration: 00:07:26

    Learn all about Business Networking International, one of the best platforms available for small local businesses to form strategic partnerships and increase referrals. I describe how the organization works and what a typical meeting is like in this episode.

  • Episode 76: Let's Get Real

    Released on October 14, 2014 Duration: 00:06:53 Ok, viewers and listeners of the Small Business Marketing Minute podcast--it's time to get real. In this episode, I share my motivations for creating this show, and ask you to share with me why you listen to the show, and what type of content you'd like to see covered on future episodes. I'm opening up my schedule for a limited time to any viewers or listeners who want to schedule a 10-minute phone call to discuss their marketing or give me feedback about the podcast. Visit to book your call!

  • Episode 77: Heroic Public Speaking

    Released on October 20, 2014 Duration: 00:03:40

    It's another special edition of the Small Business Marketing Minute show! Today I'm broadcasting to you from my hotel room in Kansas City, where I'm attending the annual gathering of Duct Tape Marketing Consultants from around the world. We're here for three days of training with John Jantsh, the creator of Duct Tape Marketing...but this year we were also joined by a special guest--Michael Port, the actor and author of Book Yourself Solid. Michael spent a day teaching some of the consultants, including myself, how to become better public speakers. You can learn more about Michael's training program for speakers--which is available to the public--at

  • Episode 78: Changes to the Show

    Released on October 20, 2014 Duration: 00:05:05

    I'm back from the annual gathering of Duct Tape Marketing consultants in Kansas City, and based on suggestions from other consultants as well as feedback from my viewers and listeners, I'm making some changes to the marketing minute show. In today's episode, I review what changes I'm making to the show. One change is that I have decided to open up my schedule and allow any viewer or listener who wants to schedule a 10-minute phone call with me to do so. You can use the call to discuss your marketing challenges or provide feedback or suggesetions about the show. You can schedule your call at

  • Episode 79: Three Ways to Use "Should Ask Questions" in Your Marketing

    Released on October 21, 2014 Duration: 00:06:02

    You've probably heard of Frequently Asked Questions, but what about Should Ask Questions? In today's episode, I define exactly what those are, and give you three ideas about how to use them in your marketing. Also, don't forget that you can now schedule a 10-minute phone call with me to discuss your marketing--go to to book your call.

  • Episode 80: Reach Local

    Released on October 22, 2014 Duration: 00:14:51

    My guest on the show today is Nicole Jobes from Reach Local (, a company that helps local businesses with online marketing. In our interview, we discuss how pay-per-click advertising can help a local business, and talk about the difference between serch engine marketing and search engine optimization. Nicole also shares a case study about how Reach Local's services literally saved a business that was near the point of closing. To learn more about Nicole's services, give her a call at 704-989-3710 or email her at

  • Episode 81: Three Tools for Building Your Direct Mail Marketing List

    Released on October 23, 2014 Duration: 00:05:54

    In this digital age, direct mail marketing is an often-overlooked but still very effective way for a local business to generate leads. However, in order to be effective, you must send your direct mail campaign to a very target list. In today's episode, I tell you about three resources I've personally used to build lists for direct mail campaigns.

  • Episode 82: Ask for the Business

    Released on October 24, 2014 Duration: 00:04:07

    Increasing your lead conversion rate is the easiest way to grow your business quickly, and today I give you a very easy and effective way to do that. It's something that has been proven to increase close ratio by a factor of 10, but that only about 11% of salespeople do consistently. Listen to today's episode to find out what it is, and why most people don't do it.

  • Episode 83: Weeding out Bad Customers

    Released on October 26, 2014 Duration: 00:03:42

    If you've been listening to the show for any length of time, you've heard me talk about the concept of your "ideal customer" as it relates to marketing strategy. In today's episode, I talk about the importance of recognizing your "non-ideal" customer as well, so that you can weed them out before they drag down your business.

  • Episode 84: Using Assesments, Quizzes, and Calculators to Qualify Leads

    Released on October 28, 2014 Duration: 00:03:30

    One great piece of educational content you can use in your marketing is an assessment, quiz, or calculator that demonstrates to your prospective customers why your products or services are the best fit for them (if, in fact they are). In today's episode, I give a few examples of how you can use a tool like this to build trust and qualify leads.

  • Episode 85: Using Landing Pages to Generate Leads

    Released on October 29, 2014 Duration: 00:03:44

    Landing pages are one-page websites that serve a very specific purpose--getting visitors to that page to take some type of action that identifies them to you in some way, shape or form so that you can beging marketing to them. If you're doing any form of online advertising, landing pages are a must, but they can also be used with off-line advertising to help track results. Today, I talk about how to integrate landing pages into your marketing strategy, and recommend two and help you create good landing pages.

  • Episode 85: Two benefits of Facebook Advertising

    Released on October 30, 2014 Duration: 00:04:52

    Many small business have Facebook pages, but not many are taking advantage of the advertising opportunities Facebook offers. In todays episode, I share two big benefits of advertising your small business on Facebook--the ability to narrowly define your audience, and the ability to reach people earlier in the sales cycle.

  • Episode 87: Three Ways to Nurture Leads

    Released on October 31, 2014 Duration: 00:04:52

    Sometimes, people who come into contact with your business aren't quite ready to purchase your products or services--but they might be very soon. It's important to keep in contact with theses people so that your company stays top-of-mind--otherwise, when they ARE ready to buy, they might forget about your company and go to Google to search for a provider. In today's episode, I talk about three different types of lead nurturing activities--things that you can do to help your business stay top-of-mind for weeks, months, or even years.

  • Episode 88: John Jantsch Explains Duct Tape Marketing

    Released on November 3, 2014 Duration: 00:14:04

    My very special guest for this episode of the show is none other than the creator of the Duct Tape Marketing system, John Jantsch. In my interview with John, we discussed his original motivation for creating Duct Tape Marketing, as well as his thoughts on the future of small business marketing and his vision for the Duct Tape Marketing Consultant network. You can learn more about the consultant network at

  • Episode 89: Creating a Marketing Kit For Your Business

    Released on November 4, 2014 Duration: 00:05:25

    A marketing kit is one of the most powerful and versatile pieces of educational content you can produce for your business, but most businesses don't have anything like it. In today's episode, I explain what exactly it is, and how you can use it to project a professional image for your brand.

  • Episode 90: Three Website Metrics You Should Be Tracking

    Released on November 5, 2014 Duration: 00:04:14

    In today’s episode of the Marketing Minute show, I discuss three website metrics you should be tracking and reviewing on a regular basis that will allow you to see at a glance the overall health of your website. Those metrics are: Bounce Rate Average Pages Per Visit Average Time on Site In the episode, I explain what each of these is, how you can track it, and what it tells you about the health of your website. If you aren’t currently tracking these metrics, you need to install Google Analytics on your website ASAP–it’s free to use, and will give you a wealth of great information about the performance of your website.

  • Episode 91: Generating Leads With Press Releases

    Released on November 6, 2014 Duration: 00:13:41

    Strategically using press releases as part of your overall marketing plan can go a long way towards helping generate know, like, and trust in your target market. In my interview with fellow Duct Tape Marketing Consultant David Smith (, we discuss why a business might issue a press release, and how doing so can help generate leads.

  • Episode 92: Your Daily Marketing Calendar

    Released on November 7, 2014 Duration: 00:03:13

    Like water dripping on stone, the effect of a small task repeated consistently and frequently can be huge over time. What small marketing-related task are you going to complete today to market your business? If you're not sure, listen to today's episode for some ideas.

  • Episode 93: Communicate Results, Not Process

    Released on November 10, 2014 Duration: 00:03:13

    All too often, when business owners try and talk about what they do, what they actually end up talking about is how they do it. Guess what? Most of the time your customres don't actually care how you do it. What's exciting to them is the results that they are going to get. THAT'S what you need to talk about, and that's the subject of today's episode.

  • Episode 94: Tell Your Marketing Story

    Released on November 11, 2014 Duration: 00:04:30

    One nice piece of trust-building educational content you can use in your marketing is your marketing story--i.e., the story of how your business got started, and WHY you do what you do. When people know why you're passionate about your business, it will help them connect with you and trust you...and thus make it more likely they'll do business with you. In today's episode, I tell you MY marketing story so that you'll know how to tell yours.

  • Episode 95: Five Seconds That Could Change Your Business

    Released on November 12, 2014 Duration: 00:04:28

    Did you know that when someone visits your website, you only have 5-7 seconds to get their attention and convince them to stay on your website to look at more content? It's after study has confirmed this. If that website visitor doesn't see what they are looking for in those 5 seconds, or at least doesn't see where they might click to find it, they will leave. In today's episode, I talk about how you can take full advantage of those five seconds.

  • Episode 96: Cause Marketing

    Released on November 13, 2014 Duration: 00:03:29

    Cause marketing is when a business uses the platform they have as a member of the local or national business community to advance a cause they are passionate about...and do it in a strategic way that also generates a positive buzz about their business. Today, I give you a few tips about how to use cause marketing in your business.

  • Episode 97: Holiday Gift Ideas for Your Customers

    Released on November 14, 2014 Duration: 00:04:14

    The holidays is a great time to show your appreciation to your customers by giving them some kind of gift. This could be a coupon, gift certificate, free upgrade, or anything else related to your products or services. A good practice is to make it something that the person could use themselves, or give to a friend as a gift. In today's episode, I give you some ideas about how to go about doing that.

  • Episode 98: Facebook marketing strategy for Non-Profits

    Released on November 17, 2014 Duration: 00:15:58

    The holidays are approaching, and this time of year many people and businesses think about how they can help local charities that are active in the community. Not coincidentally, it’s also the time that many charities begin their year-end giving campaigns. In today’s episode, I interview my fellow Duct Tape Marketing Consultant Randy Vaughn about how non-profits can use social media, especially Facebook, to help in their marketing efforts–and how for-profit businesses can benefit by helping them out. You can learn more about Randy’s business by visiting his website,

  • Episode 99: Three Ways to Let Your Customers Try You Out

    Released on November 18, 2014 Duration: 00:05:45

    Today we discuss the marketing hourglass, and specifically how you can create a "try" step in your marketing hourglass so that potential customers have a low-risk or zero-risk way of experiencing your business before making a purchase decision. I give you three ideas about how you can let people try out your business, so that you can weed out bad customers and give good customers the chance to learn more about the unique value you bring to the table (and why you cost a little more than your competitors).

  • Episode 100: Free Bonus Gifts

    Released on November 19, 2014 Duration: 00:04:33

    It's hard to believe, but after only 5 months, I've already reached 100 episodes of the Marketing Minute podcast (including both the video and audio versions). In honor of that milestone, in today's episode I offer a few free bonus gifts to my listeners. Tune in to find out how to get your gifts!

  • Episode 101: How NOT to Generate Leads

    Released on November 20, 2014 Duration: 00:03:49

    This week in the mail, I got a copy of my local Yellow Pages directory. As usual, it's full of examples of really terrible small business advertising and marketing, most of which is probably not doing anything at all to generate leads for the businesses who are paying for it. In today's episode, I go on a little bit of a rant about the Yellow Pages and what mistakes businesses make when advertising in that directory.

  • Episode 102: Marketing Strategies for the Holiday Season

    Released on November 24, 2014 Duration: 00:05:33

    The holiday season is upon us, and for many businesses this is a very busy and very important time of the year. For retailers the implications are obvious, and you should have completed your fourth-quarter marketing plan months ago. However, if you own a service-based business, there are ways that you can leverage this season to get new customers also. In today's episode, I give you three suggestions for how you can go about doing this, while helping some people in need at the same time.

  • Episode 103: Make it Easy to Get Paid

    Released on November 25, 2014 Duration: 00:04:09

    Last week on the show, I talked about the importance of allowing people to "try out" your business before making a purchase. Today, I talk about the next step in the marketing hourglass--"buy". I give you three tips about how you can make sure the first financial transaction someone has with your business goes smoothly.

  • Episode 104: Happy Thanksgiving

    Released on November 26, 2014 Duration: 00:04:03

    Sometimes, being a small business owner can be a thankless and lonely job. I think it's important, every now an then, to take a step back and remember why it is that we do what we do. So, on this eve of Thanksgiving 2014, I thought I'd list a few of the things that I'm thankful for when it comes to owning a business: I'm thankful that I can work from home and set my own hours (even if those hours sometimes get long) I'm thankful that I can choose which clients I want to work with I'm thankful that I can choose my vendors and (if I ever have any) employees Above all, I'm thankful that if I fail, I have no one to blame but myself Perhaps some things on my list will also be things on your list, or perhaps reading my list will prompt you to think of some reasons of your own. In the case of the latter, please share what you're thankful for by leaving a comment on this blog post. Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

  • Episode 105: WWYCD

    Released on December 1, 2014 Duration: 00:04:53

    WWYCD--That's short for "What Would Your Customer Do?" That's the question you should ask yourself every time you make a marketing-related decision about your business. That includes things like how you price your products, what incentives you use to motivate your customers to give you referrals, to what types of educational content you produce. In today's episode, I give some examples of how to use this question in your decision-making process--and how getting the answer wrong can hurt you.

  • Episode 106: Your 2015 Content Calendar

    Released on December 2, 2014 Duration: 00:04:51

    Publishing educational content about your business has never been more important than it is today. In today's episode, I tell you how to make 2015 the year that you finally get that content produced by creating a publishing calendar.

  • Episode 107: Social Medai Ghost Towns

    Released on December 3, 2014 Duration: 00:04:23

    Everything related to your business says something about who you are--at that includes your social media profiles. When your business doesn't maintain your socail media profiles and update them on a regular basis, not only are they not helping you...they're actually hurting you, by giving the impression that you don't finish what you started. In today's episode, I discuss what I call the "social media ghost town" effect and how you can avoid it.

  • Episode 108: Filling Up Your Live Events

    Released on December 4, 2014 Duration: 00:14:58 -- Robert Coorey, my special guest on today's show, teaches us how to get people to attend live events we put on to promote our businesses. In addition to being the author of the best-selling book Feed a Starving Crowd, Robert once nearly broke the world record for webinar, when it comes to event marketing, Robert knows his stuff!

  • Episode 109: No Pain, No Sale

    Released on December 5, 2014 Duration: 00:04:03

    One sure way to increase your sales is by directly tying your product or service to a pain point that your target audience has. In today's episode, I give you a few suggestions as to how you can go about doing that, and why you should--in this particular case--try to cause your potential customers to experience a bit of pain and discomfort.

  • Episode 110: Terrible Christmas Gift Contest

    Released on December 8, 2014 Duration: 00:05:13

    Last Christmas, I did a video blog featuring four terrible and hilarious ideas for Christmas gifts. These were products that were so bad that if their creators tried to hire me as a marketing consultant, I'd probably have to turn them down. The products included things like glow-in-the-dark toilet paper and a watermelon cooler (complete with wheels and a handle). This year, I'm asking you, my listeners and viewers, to submit products you find that fall into this "terrible and hilarious" category. The person who submits the best (or should I say, worst) product will be declared the winner, and will get a lifetime membership in my marketing catalyst group coaching program. The entries will be judged on the following criteria: number of uses (the fewer the better), possible frequency of use (the less frequent the better), size (the larger and more difficult to store the better), and cost (the more expensive, the better). Submit your entries by posting them to the RMC Facebook page, sending an email to, or filling out the form at

  • Episode 111: Choosing a Domain Name

    Released on December 10, 2014 Duration: 00:04:46

    For a new business, or a business launching a website for the first time, choosing a domain name for your business website is one of the most important marketing decisions you'll have to make. Picking a domain name that is hard to spell, pronounce, or remember could really hurt your business in the long run. In today's episode, I give you a few tips about how to pick a domain name that will serve your business well.

  • Episode 112: Get More Than Eggnog at Your Next Holiday Party

    Released on December 11, 2014 Duration: 00:04:35

    This time of year, many people are attending office holiday parties, chamber of commerce holiday receptions, and other holiday-related events where you might meet people you don't ordinarily interact with. This can actually be a great time of the year to do some networking and possibly get some new business--as long as you go about it in the right way. In today's episode, I share some tips for networking during the holiday season.

  • Episode 113: Using Direct Mail to Convert Leads

    Released on December 12, 2014 Duration: 00:04:16

    In today's digital world, one way to stand out and get noticed is through the use of direct mail. However, direct mail campaigns can quickly get expensive if you don't get a good result from them. One way to get good results from direct mail is to use it as part of your lead conversion process--i.e., sending letters, postcards, and packages to people who have already expressed an interest in your products and services. In today's episode, I give you a few tips about how to go about doing that

  • Episode 114: Should You Post Your Prices On Your Website?

    Released on December 15, 2014 Duration: 00:06:02

    I recently had a listener ask me if service-based businesses should post their prices online. I jokingly told him that he wouldn't like my answer, because my answer was "it depends." In today's episode, I expand on that answer, and give you some of the pros and cons of posting your prices on your website.

  • Episode 115: Four Terrible and Hilarious Christmas Gifts

    Released on December 16, 2014 Duration: 00:07:19

    In today's episode, I announce the winners of my 2014 Terrible and Hilarious Christmas Gift contest. If you have someone on your Christmas gift list that you don't like very much and never want to speak to again, just get them one of these gifts.

  • Episode 116: Planning for 2015, Part 1

    Released on December 29, 2014 Duration: 00:06:24

    The new year is almost upon us, and it's a great time to set business and marketing goals for 2015. In this episode, I go through an exercise to help you think about everything you've accomplished in the past year as a starting point for this process.

  • Episode 117: Planning for 2015, Part 2

    Released on December 30, 2014 Duration: 00:03:49

    In part two of my three-part series on setting business goals for the new year, I put the focus on goals you didn't quite accomplish from last year, and give you some questions to ask yourself to determine if they're still important, and why they didn't get done.

  • Episode 118: Happy New Year!

    Released on December 31, 2014 Duration: 00:08:24

    In part 3 of my 3-part series, I help you think through how to set your marketing goals for 2015.

  • Episode 119: How to write a great case study

    Released on January 16, 2015 Duration: 00:06:38

    One of the best ways to demonstrate your expertise and prove that you can do what you actually say you are capable of doing is to write a case study about how your business helped one of your best clients. In today's episode, I give you a formula for how to write a good case study, and explain why you should do so.

  • Episode 120: Small Business Website Common Mistakes and Best Practices

    Released on January 25, 2015 Duration: 00:18:49

    There's a LOT of ugly small business websites out there that are making some easily fixed mistakes--mistakes that are costing businesses hundreds or even thousands of dollars a year in lost revenue. In today's episode, I chat with Ken Mann from about common mistakes small business owners make on their websites, and how to correct them. We also discuss his experience in my group coaching program for small business owners. You can learn more about Ken's business and sign up for his free training and ebook at

  • Episode 121: Facebook Advertising Secrets

    Released on February 4, 2015 Duration: 00:21:54

    In today's episode, I interview Andrew Miller from Your Search Advisor, a company that helps small businesses with online advertising including Facebook advertising. He shares some best practices to employ when using Facebook advertising, as well as common mistakes that many business owners make.

  • Episode 122: The Ask Formula

    Released on February 14, 2015 Duration: 00:22:11 -- Ryan Levesque, author of The Survey Funnel, joins me on the podcast to discuss how small business owners can fine-tune their products and services using customer surveys. He discusses this at length in his new book, Ask, which is coming out in March 2015. Watch the interview to learn some of the secrets he shares in the book, and to find out how you can get a free copy!

  • Episode 123: Lead Nurtuting Tips from Kavit Haria

    Released on February 19, 2015 Duration: 00:15:23

    Kavit Haria, my guest for today's episode, is the founder of Insider Internet Success and an expert on lead nurturing. Today he shares his secrets to moving prospects down your sales funnel so that when they're ready to buy, they come to you first--and are willing to pay top dollar. Visit his website at to learn more about his proven system for helping small businesses get to six figures of revenue within their first year.

  • Episode 124: Setting Realistic Expectations

    Released on February 27, 2015 Duration: 00:05:12

    I recently did a consultation with a small business owner who had stopped using any printed marketing materials to promote his business. His reason was that he had once sent out 97 trifold brochures in the mail to prospective customers, and had failed to get any response. In today's episode, I explain why this reasoning is flawed, and why it's important to know what results you should expect from a well-executed marketing campaign.

  • Episode 125: Proof This Stuff Works

    Released on March 7, 2015 Duration: 00:17:12

    My special guest on today's show is Rich Lennon, a small business owner and former client of mine who is having great success using the Duct Tape Marketing system we built for his business. Find out what he's doing and why it's working so well for him, so you can do the same thing for yourself.

  • Episode 126: The Decoy Effect

    Released on March 20, 2015 Duration: 00:04:20

    If you've never heard of the decoy effect, you'll definitely want to watch this episode. The decoy effect takes advantage of how the human brain process information and makes decisions, and uses that to get your customers to make the choices that you want them to make. Today, I explain the basics of how it works, and how you can take advantage of it.

  • Episode 127: Google Scammers

    Released on March 26, 2015 Duration: 00:05:42

    If you own a local business in the U.S., chances are at some point you've gotten a call from someone (or, in many cases, from an auto-dialing service) that claims to either be Google or to represent Google. They warn of dire consequences if you don't contact them right away to fix your Google listings, or something to that affect. In today's episode, I talk about who these people actually are and why you should never work with them.

  • Episode 129: Low-cost Marketing Tactics

    Released on April 10, 2015 Duration: 00:14:42

    My special guest on today's podcast, Kevin Pereira, is the co-owner of the Wet Shave Club, a mail-order subscription service for shaving supplies. He is also the founder of, a start-up incubator for local service businesses. In our interview, we discuss the low-cost marketing tactics he's used to successfully grow both the Wet Shave Club and a local cleaning company he previously owned.

  • Episode 130: Are You Ready For Mobilegeddon?

    Released on April 17, 2015 Duration: 00:06:07

    Google is changing their algorithm to make it more difficult for websites that aren't mobile-friendly to turn up in search results on mobile devices. Will yours be affected? Watch today's episode to find out.

  • Episode 131: Friendship Marketing with Joe Fairless

    Released on April 23, 2015 Duration: 00:12:44

    My special guest today is Joe Fairless, host of the Best Real Estate Investing Advice Ever podcast. Before he got started in real estate investing, Joe worked at an advertising agency in New York City, and in this episode he shares how some of the lessons how some of the lessons he learned in the big-business marketing world can be applied to small businesses--specifically, strategic partnerships and something he calls "friendship marketing".

  • Episode 132: Five Questions You Should Ask Your Web Designer

    Released on May 1, 2015 Duration: 00:07:17

    One problem I see often is graphic designers who learn how to write code and start offering web design services, but who have no SEO or marketing knowledge. Their websites don't generate traffic and covert that traffic to leads, as a good website should. In order to separate the good from the bad, make sure your web designer can answer correctly answer the five questions I ask in this episode. If they can't, consider using Redpoint Marketing Consultants for your web design needs.

  • Episode 133: What is White Labeling?

    Released on May 8, 2015 Duration: 00:08:14 -- The practice of white labeling is widely used in the marketing world, but it is not always used in the way that it was intended. In fact, sometimes it can really land a company in hot water. Learn what white labeling is, how it is abused, and what questions you should ask marketing professionals you work with.

  • Episode 134: The Three Types of Marketing Professionals

    Released on May 15, 2015 Duration: 00:07:53

    In today's episode, I talk about the three types of marketing professionals--providers, coaches, and consultants. Each type of marketing professional has advantages and disadvantages, and each one can help a business in powerful ways...however, sometimes a small business owner chooses the wrong type of marketing professional. Also, sometimes a business owner doesn't actually understand which type of professional they are working with--for example, they might be working with a marketing coach and believe that they are working with a provider. This can lead to frustration when the business doesn't get the results they are expecting. Listen to this episode to clear up the confusion about the different roles of marketing professionals and decide which one is right for you--if any.

  • Episode 135: The Profit Returns

    Released on May 22, 2015 Duration: 00:07:21

    I've very excited that season three of The Profit has started, because it's a show that I think every small business owner in America should watch. If you aren't familiar with the show, the concept is that each episode investor Marcus Lemonis helps one struggling small business fix what's wrong with the business using his "people, process, product" approach. Sometimes the projects are successful, and sometimes they're not. Usually in the latter case it's the business owner's fault, which is why I think every business owner in America needs to watch the show. You see, it's easy for us to look an another business and see why the way they're operating is a huge disaster...but it can be harder to look at our own businesses and see the mistakes we're making. This show helps us learn how to do that better.

  • Episode 136: I hate Networking Events

    Released on May 29, 2015 Duration: 00:16:00

    In today's episode, I interview David Wilson, the author of the book I Hate Networking Events. This short, entertaining book is packed with valuable advice about how to be a better networker, and in our interview David shares some of the best advice he gives in the book. David not only has years of networking experience as a business owner, he has experience teaching networking skills to other business owners as part of his role as a chapter director consultant for BNI Central Virginia. Listen to today's episode to learn some of his secrets to success.

  • The Missing Episode

    Released on June 6, 2015 Duration: 00:07:06

    It recently came to my attention that in numbering my podcast episodes, I missed number 128. In order to bring my episode number back into alignment with the numbers assigned by iTunes, I am releasing an un-numbered episode. In this non-episode, I provide updates on several new developments in my business, including a free tool on my website that will generate a SEO report card for your business.

  • Episode 137: Scam Alert!

    Released on June 12, 2015 Duration: 00:05:54

    First, an important announcement: my new book, The Small Business Owner's Guide to Local Lead Genertation, is now available for pre-order as a Kindle book. Both the printed and Kindle versions of the book will be released on June 22nd. In today's episode, I discuss some common scams perpetrated by less than honest marketing people in order to separate small business owners from their hard-earned money. These scammers are very clever, and sometimes even highly intelligent and otherwise street-smart business owners fall for these scams.

  • Episode 138: Double Your Twitter Followers

    Released on June 19, 2015 Duration: 00:05:11

    In today's episode, I tell you about a new tool that helps increase your followers on Twitter--with REAL twitter accounts, not fake accounts set up just to pad your numbers. I've used the tool myself both with my own account and with the Twitter account for the Small Business Owner's Guide to Local Lead Generation book that I'm publishing next week. The tool added over 150 followers to the book's twitter account in the first 48 hrs--and it's still growing rapidly.

  • Episode 139: It's Finally Here!

    Released on June 22, 2015 Duration: 00:05:58

    At long last, my new book The Small Business Owner's Guide to Local Lead Generation has been published, and is now available on Amazon! In honor of the launch, I'll be releasing several interviews with the authors on this podcast this week, but in today's episode I tell you about the bonus offers we've put together for people who buy the book.

  • Episode 140: Mark Fortune Interview

    Released on June 23, 2015 Duration: 00:15:26

    In today's episode, I interview Mark Fortune, one of the 5 authors of The Small Business Owner's Guide to Local Lead Generation. We discuss the subject of chapter two of our book, which is how to create a killer marketing strategy for your business.

  • Episode 141: Justin Sturges Interview (Book Launch Day 3)

    Released on June 25, 2015 Duration: 00:24:00

    In today's episode, I interview one of my co-authors of The Small Business Owner's Guide to Local Lead Generation about search engine optimization for local businesses. This is a topic that is a complete mystery for many local business owners, so in our interview Justin explains the basics of SEO and how it's different for a local vs a national business.

  • Episode 142

    Released on June 25, 2015 Duration: 00:14:56

    On this, day four of our week-long book launch for The Small Business Owner's Guide to Local Lead Generation, I interview my co-author Phil Singleton about small business website design best practices. Phil discusses, among other things, the importance of thinking about a website as an investment and asset rather than an expense and liability. He alos provides some great tips about how to improve your website.

  • Episode 143: Video Marketing Tips (Book Launch Day 5)

    Released on June 27, 2015 Duration: 00:16:56

    Video marketing is one of the most powerful tools available for a small business owner, and also one of the least utilized. In today's episode, Mark Fortune--one of my co-authors of The Small Business Owner's Guide to Local Lead Generation--interviews me on my own podcast about video marketing for small businesses. I discuss why it's important, how to get started, and how to make amazing videos without breaking the bank on expensive equipment.

  • Episode 144: Reputation Management

    Released on July 10, 2015 Duration: 00:06:18

    Your customers are talking about you online. Are you listening? In chapter seven of my new book, I talk about how important it is for a local business to monitor its online reputation. Consider these statistics from a BrightLocal study: 90% of consumers have, at one time, used online reviews of a business when making a purchase decision 40% of people regularly read reviews about a local business when deciding what company to hire, where to shop, or what restaurant to eat at 85% of consumers read up to 10 reviews of a product or service before buying These numbers are pretty compelling reasons to monitor your business's online reputation. However, hardly any local business owners are paying attention to this important area of their marketing. In my BNI meeting last week, I asked how many of the business owners present used ratings and reviews when shopping as consumers, and almost everyone raised their hand. I then asked them how many of them, as business owners, were doing anything proactive to encourage customers to leave positive reviews or to monitor top review sites for mentions of their business, and not a single hand went up. Interesting, isn't it? In order to help them change that, I offered them all a free month of my reputation management service, and I'd like to extend the same offer to all of you. The service helps you collect more positive reviews from your customers, filter out negative reviews before they get posted online, and monitors all the top review sites for mentions of your business. Think of it like an insurance policy for your online reputation--which, in this day and age, is one of the most valuable assets your business has.

  • Episode 145: Conversion Optimization with Alex Harris

    Released on July 17, 2015 Duration: 00:16:14

    My special guest for today's podcast is Alex Harris, the founder of and the best-selling author of Small Business Big Money Online, which is all about helping small business owners increase the conversion rate of their websites. Some of the questions I asked Alex in our interview were: What the heck is conversion optimization, anyway, and why should local business owners care about it? What are some of the ways a local business defines a "conversion" when it comes to their website? What are your three best tips for how a local business can increase conversions from their existing website traffic? How can businesses who get a relatively small amount of traffic to their site tell if a change in their conversion rate is related to a change they made to their website? Listen to today's episode to get the answers to these questions and more, or head over to to find out all about Alex and check out some of is free training courses.

  • Episode 146: Going Above and Beyond With Customer Service

    Released on July 24, 2015 Duration: 00:05:20

    Last week I saw a story in the news about how Southwest Airlines went above and beyond what was expected when helping out a customer in a difficult situation. Many big businesses benefit from this type of publicity, but there aren't many small businesses using this tactic. In fact, most small businesses don't even think about customer service as a marketing function--which it absolutely is. In today's episode, I discuss how a small business can use great customer service to get attention from the local media.

  • Episode 147: Lead Generation with Send Out Cards

    Released on July 31, 2015 Duration: 00:07:06

    In episode 147 of the Small Business Marketing Minute Show, I talk about a tool that I've recently "rediscovered" after researching it for my new book, The Small Business Owner's Guide to Local Lead Generation. The tool is Send Out Cards, a service that allows you to send customized and personalized greeting cards, post cards, and gifts to customers and prospects. Lead generation with Send Out Cards is simply a matter of designing a series of cards, adding them to a campaign, and then assigning a lead to the campaign. You can have the cards get sent out days, weeks, or months apart, all automatically--very much like an email autoresponder, only with direct mail. You can also use Send Out Cards as a customer service tool, by sending personalized cards to your customers on their birthdays, anniversaries, or other special occasions. Watch this episode to learn some of the ways I use the service in my own business, and to get ideas about how you can use it also.

  • Episode 148: Every Door Direct Mail

    Released on August 7, 2015 Duration: 00:05:57

    In this high-tech on-line world, one often-overlooked marketing tactic that can really help certain local businesses is direct mail. In today's episode, I teach you about the USPS Every Door Direct Mail program, and tell you what types of businesses should consider using it in their marketing.

  • Episode 149: Google 7-pack now a 3-pack

    Released on August 14, 2015 Duration: 00:06:30

    Last week, Google began rolling out a change that might affect your local business. Instead of showing up to seven businesses in the "maps" section that typically shows up on page 1 of search results whenever someone does a "local" search (i.e., a search involving a local term like the name of a city or state), Google will now only show three businesses. Listen to today's episode to find out how this change might affect you and why you should care (or shouldn't care, as the case may be).

  • Episode 150: Jeremy Reeves Interview

    Released on August 30, 2015 Duration: 00:18:33

    Jeremy Reeves is the host of the popular Sales Funnel Mastery podcast and a widely recognized expert when it comes to helping small business owners create a sales funnel that greatly simplifies their lead conversion process. In today’s episode of the Small Business Marketing Minute podcast, Jeremy shares some of his wisdom. Specifically, he answers the following questions: What exactly is a sales funnel, and what components should it have? What are some common mistakes local business owners make regarding their sales funnels? What are 2-3 things a local business owner can do to improve their sales funnel? If Jeremy’s answers to those questions leave you hungry for more info, you can visit his website for tons of additional free content, or better yet, just hire him to help you build your sales funnel!

  • Episode 151: What Two Murdered Reporters Have to do with Your Marketing

    Released on September 5, 2015 Duration: 00:06:06

    Last week a reporter and cameraman were murdered on live TV in Roanoke, VA. Another woman was shot and seriously injured in the attack. Because I was personally connected to both the Roanoke community and one of the victims, this act of pure evil really affected me deeply. In today's episode, I talk about how we, as small business owners, can do something that might help prevent violence like this in our communities while also benefiting our businesses.

  • Episode 152: Four Ways to Get More Referrals

    Released on September 21, 2015 Duration: 00:19:18

    Referred customers are better customers. They require less education, they don't complain as much about price, and they tend to be a better fit for your business. But how do you go about getting more of them? That's the topic of a recent workshop I did for my local chamber of commerce, and in today's episode I show you the part of the workshop where I talk about four ways to get more referrals from customers.

  • Episode 153: What Horseback Riding has to do with Small Business Marketing

    Released on October 17, 2015 Duration: 00:04:39

    In case you were wondering why I hadn't published a new podcast episode in a few weeks, it's because I was attending the annual summit of Duct Tape Marketing consultants, which this year was held at a ranch in Colorado. In this episode, I give a report from the summit along with fellow consultant and previous podcast guest Mark Fortune.

  • Episode 154: Social Media Tips for Local Small Businesses

    Released on October 31, 2015 Duration: 00:17:01

    In my experience, most local small business owners are not thrilled about the fact that social media is part of the modern marketing landscape. Very few are using it effectively, and many of them are wasting more than a little time and money trying to figure it out. In today's episode, I interview Kristen Robinson from KR Design about how local business owners should be using social media. She shares some very practical tips and real-life examples that will give you some ideas you can implement in your own business.

  • Episode 155: Creating Killer Calls to Action

    Released on November 6, 2015 Duration: 00:16:28

    Sometimes, we as small business owners are so close to our own businesses that we forget a very important fact--our prospective customers actually don't always know what we want them to do. If they see our ads or stumble across our website and want to see if we can help them, are they supposed to give us a call? Fill out a form? Download some content? If we don't tell them how to enter our sales funnel, they might simply leave without doing anything. We call that process of telling customers what do to a "call to action", and in today's episode I interview Tom Schwab from the online business accelerator about how to create calls to action that actually work. Hint--"Sign up for our email newsletter" is not one of them! Tom has lots of great information to share, and he even offered listeners a free call-to-action cheat sheet, which you can download at So, press the play button to start listening to Tom's great advice, and then visit his website for lots more information and free resources (that's your call to action, by the way).

  • Episode 156: Dumb Things Business Owners do Regarding Customer Reviews

    Released on November 9, 2015 Duration: 00:08:47

    Once again, there have been a few big stories in the news lately about businesses getting in trouble about things related to customer reviews. This time around, the stories involved businesses using fake reviews, and one business who decided to try and charge a customer for leaving a negative review. I guess it must be time for another podcast about how NOT to respond to negative reviews, and about customer reviews in here it is.

  • Episode 157: Developing Basic Sales Skills

    Released on November 16, 2015 Duration: 00:07:54

    It doesn’t matter how effective your advertising and marketing campaigns are, or how much money you spend on them, if you and your staff lack basic sales skills. If your staff is not able to convert a phone call from a potential customer into an actual customer, all of the money it took to generate that phone call will be wasted. In today’s episode of the Small Business Marketing Minute podcast, I illustrate this point with a story about one of my home services clients. He was spending hundreds of dollars a month on pay-per-click advertising, only to have efforts undermined by his office staff’s inability to close the sale on the telephone. Watch the video to see if you might be making some of the same mistakes that his staff was making.

  • Episode 158: A TV Show Every Small Business Owner Should Watch

    Released on November 21, 2015 Duration: 00:04:18

    My favorite TV show has new episodes again! If you are a small business owner, you need to check out The Profit on CNBC. It's much more than good entertainment--it's a fantastic education in how to run a small business. Listen to today's episode to find out why I like the show so much, and why you need to watch it.

  • Episode 159: The Real Purpose of Holiday Cards

    Released on December 4, 2015 Duration: 00:07:47

    It's the time of year that many businesses send out holiday cards to their current customer base. I think this is a great idea, but unfortunately many business owners think that the main purpose of doing this is simply to say "happy holidays". It's not--and if that's what you think, you're missing a big marketing opportunity. In today's episode, I explain the true purpose of holiday cards, and give you a few ideas about how to use your holiday card mailing to get big results for your business this year.

  • Episode 160: Your Business's Mission, Purpose, and Values

    Released on December 12, 2015 Duration: 00:18:21

    While most big businesses have some type of statement about their mission, value, and purpose that they use as a guide in their marketing efforts, not many small businesses do. As Scott Beebe from Business on Purpose explains in my interview with him, this is a shame, and also a lost opportunity. Scott shares several concrete examples in our interview about how having a strong sense of purpose and values helped a business increase their bottom line revenue. Far from being abstract ideas, a mission and vision statement should be something a business uses as the foundation for their entire marketing system. Listen to the interview to get an understanding of why this is important and how you can create it for your business. Learn more about Scott at and

  • Episode 161: What did you accomplish in 2015?

    Released on December 21, 2015 Duration: 00:07:09

    All too often, as small business owners we are so busy running our businesses that we fail to stop and take stock of everything we have been able to accomplish. The end of the year is a great time to do that, so today I'd like to suggest that you take a moment to write down everything that you were able to accomplish in 2015. Use the following questions to help you reflect on the past year: Did you learn any new skills or obtain any new certifications? Did you win any awards? Did you hit any revenue milestones? Did you add any new employees? Did you add any new products or services, or change the way you package or sell existing products or services? Did you get new testimonials or reviews from your customers? Did you publish any new content about your business (blogs, books, podcasts, etc)? Did you create new systems or processes to help your business run more effectively? Chances are, once you have your list compiled you'll be shocked at everything you were able to get done in the past year. If you had a particularly good year, share some of your top accomplishments by sending an email to, and I'll feature you on an upcoming episode of the podcast.

  • Episode 162: Planning Your 2016 Content Marketing Calendar

    Released on December 31, 2015 Duration: 00:12:49

    Content marketing is here to stay, and the content arms race will only intensify in 2016. Remember the good old days when all a business needed was a tri-fold brochure and a website? Now, every small business practically has to run their own publishing house in order to keep up with the competition when it comes to producing educational content. Sometimes, it is hard to even think about what kind of content to produce...which is why in my last podcast episode of 2015, I'm giving you a complete content marketing calendar for the next 12 months. Simply produce one piece of content each month around the themes I list in this episode, and then re-purpose that content in several different ways. For example, if you're a great writer, you could start by writing a blog post, and then read the post into a voice recorder to turn it into a podcast episode. If you're better at speaking than writing, do it the other way around--record your thoughts on a subject first, and then turn the transcript into a blog post. By using this method and following the outline I give you, you'll have 24-48 really nice pieces of content by the end of 2016.

  • Episode 163: My Two Business Goals in 2016

    Released on January 9, 2016 Duration:

    I have two main business goals for 2016: -Add two new clients per month to my reputation marketing plan -Start giving back by supporting an organization that is doing good in the world In today's episode, I share which organization I have decided to support and why, and tell you about how I am tying that goal to my first goal. I also tell you about my reputation marketing sweepstakes, which will award one lucky business owner a free year of my reputation marketing service.

  • Episode 164: Generating B2B Leads with Email

    Released on January 17, 2016 Duration: 00:16:57

    On today's episode of the podcast, my guest is Alex Berman from The tactic Alex and I discuss today is definitely not for everyone, and if it has any chance of working it must be done using the formula that Alex suggests, but in certain situations and industries it can be a good lead generation tactic. The tactic in question is cold emailing--i.e., sending emails to people who don't know you, like you, or trust you, and have never even heard of you. Listen to the episode to find out exactly what you need to say in your emails to make this tactic work.

  • Episode 165: How to Write a Book (and Why You Should)

    Released on February 6, 2016 Duration: 00:19:57

    My special guest on this episode of the podcast is Danny Flood, the editor of Open World Magazine. In our interview, we discuss the many benefits for local small business owners of writing a book, and get into various ways of actually accomplishing that daunting task. Listen to the episode to hear Danny's great tips, and then head over to to learn more about Danny.

  • Episode 166: FIve Essential Elements of a Terrible Small Business Ad

    Released on February 13, 2016 Duration: 00:14:11

    Last week, I received a relic from a bygone era in the mail--the yellow pages. It's hard to believe that businesses actually still pay money to put banner ads in the yellow pages, but sadly, they do. It's hard to find more examples of terrible small business advertising in one place than in the yellow pages, and in today's episode I break down the five things most of these terrible ads have in common. Even if you're not advertising in the yellow pages, there's a good chance that your ads might make at least one of the five mistakes I mention. Listen to the episode to learn what those mistakes are and how to fix them.

  • Episode 167: Networking Tips with Dawne Brooks Gulla

    Released on February 23, 2016 Duration: 00:11:02

    Networking is without a doubt one of the most cost-effective ways for a local business to grow quickly, and this is especially true for new businesses that have a very limited marketing budget. However, many local business owners have very bad networking skills and aren’t using this extremely valuable tactic as well as they could be. In episode 167 of the Small Business Marketing Minute podcast, I interview Dawne Brooks Gulla about networking best practices for local business owners. Dawne is the executive director and co-owner of the Central Virginia BNI franchise, which is one of the most successful BNI regions in North America. As the world’s largest business networking and referral organization, BNI (Business Network International) has over the past 30 years developed a very effective process for helping local business owners not only learn good networking skills, but also put those skills to use in a safe and structured environment that enables the formation of long-term strategic referral partnerships. Listen to the interview to learn more about BNI and get tips to improve your networking skills from Dawne Brooks Gulla.

  • Episode 168: Who Has Access to Your Business's Online Profiles?

    Released on February 27, 2016 Duration: 00:09:53

    Local business owners are busy people, and keeping track of all your business’s online assets can be tough. Facebook pages, Twitter accounts, LinkedIn profiles, paid online directories like Angie’s list…all of them have user names and passwords that you have to remember. And on top of that there’s your website, domain control panel, website hosting control panel, etc. Who keeps track of all of those? Who has access to them? Who has administrative or editorial privileges for them? In Episode 168 of my marketing minute podcast, I explain why it is critically important for a business owner to know how to access all of their online profiles and accounts, and also keep track of who else has access to them. I give examples of what can happen when a business does NOT track this information, and explain what situations can sometimes lead to this information not being tracked properly.

  • Episode 169: Matt Inglot Discusses Small Business Website Design

    Released on March 4, 2016 Duration: 00:22:46

    As I have mentioned many times before on this blog, a small business’s website should be the hub of its entire marketing system. However, all too often small businesses treat their website as a burdensome expense instead of a revenue-generating investment. In this week’s episode of my podcast, I interview Matt Inglot from Tilted Pixel, an Ontario-based web design agency that specializes in small business websites. Matt and I discuss some of the many common mistakes business owners make regarding their websites, and what they need to do differently to get better results.

  • Episode 170: Why Your Business Needs a Professional Logo

    Released on March 12, 2016 Duration: 00:09:44

    For many small, local businesses–especially new businesses–spending a few hundred dollars to get a logo professionally designed for their company seems like an unnecessary expense. While some marketing professionals might disagree with me, I not only believe it is worth the money, I believe that it is very necessary and perhaps even critical to the success of a business–especially for a new business. Why? Because everybody wants to hire the best person or company for the job, and the best person or company is usually going to have a professionally designed logo. A business’s logo is probably going to be one of the first things that someone sees when they first learn about your company. Whether they run across your website after doing an online search, see a print ad for your business in the local newspaper, or see a sign on the side of the road as they are driving by your location, they will see your logo first. If you don’t have a logo, they will also immediately notice that. Although most people probably wouldn’t be able to articulate it, if you showed them business cards from two competing businesses, one of which had a logo and one of which just had the name of the business spelled out in text, and asked them which business seemed more professional, chances are they would say that it was the one with the logo. In the latest episode of my podcast, I give three reasons why a local business should spend the time and money to get a professionally designed logo to represent their brand. I also explain the process I use when I run a logo design competition for my clients.

  • Episode 171: Are You Acting As If?

    Released on March 19, 2016 Duration: 00:10:00

    One of the most powerful principles you can use to help your business become more successful is the principle known as "Act As If". This principle simply states that the best way to become what you want to be someday (or what you want your business to be like someday) is to start acting as if you already have achieved your goal. Now, I'm not suggesting that you lie or deceive people. I'm simply saying that if you start operating your business in a manner similar to how a highly successful business in your industry operates, people will begin to treat you as if you are highly successful. It will be easier to make them know, like, and trust your business, and that's really what marketing is all about. In this week's episode of my podcast, I give you a few examples of very low-cost ways that your business can start "acting as if". I also share a case study involving how I helped transform one of my client's businesses using this principle.

  • Episode 172: Why I joined the Duct Tape Marketing Consultant Network

    Released on April 2, 2016 Duration: 00:12:38

    Three years ago this month, I made the best business decision of my life when I joined the Duct Tape Marketing consultant network. In today's episode, I explain what exactly that network is all about, why I decided to join, and how it has helped me grow my business and better serve my clients. Listen to the episode to hear my story, and then visit to learn more about the network and either find a consultant near you to hire (if you are a small business owner) or find out how you can get involved in the network (if you are a marketing services provider).

  • Epidode 173: Protecting Your Digital Assets

    Released on April 16, 2016 Duration: 00:09:43

    I find myself covering this important topic once again as I continue to encounter small business owners who just haven't gotten the message yet. Enough is enough! Take control of your digital assets like your domain name, website hosting, and social media profiles NOW before you are faced with a situation like the real-life example I give in today's episode.

  • Episode 174: Contact Marketing

    Released on April 23, 2016 Duration: 00:11:04

    In today’s episode of the Small Business Marketing Minute show, I teach you about “contact marketing”, which is a term coined by Wall Street Journal cartoonist Stu Heinecke, who recently wrote a book called How to Get a Meeting With Anyone. Contact marketing is all about connecting with someone who could transform your business. This could be a major client, an influential strategic partner, or a famous mentor. Listen to the episode using the player below to find out when you should use this type of marketing and get some ideas you could use in your own contact marketing campaign.

  • Episode 175: Marketing Book of the Year

    Released on April 30, 2016 Duration: 00:05:06

    The book I wrote last year has been nominated for marketing book of the year for 2015 by Small Business Trends, a popular online magazine! I need your help to win the award. Cast your vote by clicking going to the home page of my website at, and use the link on that page to vote.

  • Episode 176: Telling Your Business Story with Chris Risse

    Released on May 7, 2016 Duration: 00:19:10

    In my most recent episode of the Small Business Marketing Podcast, I interviewed Chris Risse from Mediaryte about how to create a compelling story for your business that inspires your customers and makes them loyal to your brand. From operating his own business for the past decade, experiences working with a wide variety of clients, and a period of being a teenage online business entrepreneur, Chris has learned how diverse the small business world is and the characters that make it up. By identifying character traits and roles played by himself and others, Chris came to understand that it takes all kinds to create a rich and vibrant business community around you to be successful. Most important of all, is he found that these roles change with time and with new people. By understanding your character, the character of others, and the different roles we play, you can understand how to connect your story, through networking and marketing, with your audience. Use the player below to listen to my interview with Chris, and then head over to to subscribe to his podcast and learn more about effective storytelling.

  • Episode 177: Stupidest Marketing Idea Ever

    Released on May 14, 2016 Duration: 00:05:03

    This week, Budweiser announced what has to be one of the stupidest marketing ideas in history. They said that they will be changing the label on cans of their flagship beer this summer so that instead of saying "Budweiser" they say "America". Apparently the Belgian-owned company thinks that this will help them sell more beer. While I think that this particular idea should have never made it out of the boardroom, there is validity in the idea that simply changing the way you package or brand your products or services can increase sales. In today's episode, I suggest some ways that small business owners can do some creative branding to help grow their business with little to no expense.

  • Episode 178: Google Announces Promoted Pins for Maps

    Released on May 28, 2016 Duration: 00:08:22

    This week, Google announced that they will start allowing businesses to advertise on Google maps via "promoted pins". In today's episode, I go over what they mean by that, and speculate on how the program might work and what it means for the typical local business owner.

  • Episode 179: Ben Parr and the Science of Capturing Attention

    Released on June 11, 2016 Duration: 00:24:24

    One of the most important skills a local small business owner must master is that of capturing and holding the attention of their ideal customer. That topic is the subject of the book Captivology by Ben Parr, which won a 2016 Small Business Book Award in the category of marketing from Small Business Trends magazine. Ben is a widely acclaimed tech journalist who has advised many well-known brands including Lufthansa, Rebelmouse, and AngelHack. He has served as the Co-Editor and Editor-at-Large of Mashable and has been named one of the Forbes 30 Under 30. In his book, Ben defines three types of attention that marketers must be aware of and take into account–immediate attention, short attention, and long attention. He also identifies seven “triggers” that we can use to capture these types of attention. In our interview, we discuss these triggers and how local business owners can use them to make their marketing more effective.

  • Episode 180: Small Business Marketing Success Story--Odds & Ends Home Improvement

    Released on June 20, 2016 Duration: 00:13:29

    It's one thing to tell you on this podcast about small business marketing tactics and strategies that should work, but it's another thing to actually show you a real-life example of a case where they have worked. That's exactly what I do in today's episode, as I interview one of my clients--Jimmy Dedmond, the owner of Odds & Ends Home Improvement. Jimmy's handyman business has really taken off since we began working on creating a marketing system for him earlier this year, and in our interview we tal.ked about how tactics like search engine optimization and reputation marketing have helped him get new customers.

  • Episdode 181: Scam Alert (No, Google is Not Calling Your Business)

    Released on June 22, 2016 Duration: 00:08:55

    If you've owned a business for more than a week, you've probably started getting them. I'm talking about those robo-calls that begin with a message of "This is so-and-so, your local Google specialist..." or something to that effect. The message then goes on to say some variation of the following: There is a problem with your Google listings. Your business is not appearing in Google search results. There are negative reviews about your business. There is a problem with your Google+ page. Those are the messages I've heard personally (yes, I get these calls too), but I'm sure there are other variations. The bottom line here is that these calls are a scam. There may or may not be a problem with your local directory listings, your business may or may not have negative reviews online, and your business may or may not be appearing at the top of search results for keywords related to your industry. However, there is one thing I can guarantee: the reason you are getting the robo-calls has nothing to do with any of the above. Listen to this episode to learn what is actually going on.

  • Episode 182: Google Manual Actions Related to Unnatural Outbound Links

    Released on June 28, 2016 Duration: 00:16:42

    Recently, Google took what is called a “manual action” against my website due to the fact that they erroneously believed that I was engaging in “link schemes”–i.e., selling links on my site for the purpose of helping other sites increase their domain authority. I actually wasn’t doing anything wrong, but the process of getting the issue sorted out and getting back on Google’s good side was very eye-opening and educational for me. If nothing else, the experience hit home the fact that when Google decides you are doing something wrong, you are guilty until proven innocent. This very topic is actually the subject of a lawsuit against Google making its way through the courts right now–more on that below. Another thing I learned in the process of researching how to resolve this manual action was that apparently I wasn’t the only one dealing with this issue right now–there appears to be some sort of a crackdown going on regarding outbound links, as this article in The SEM Post points out. Because link-building is such a huge part of SEO, and because Google’s actions both against me and in the two examples sited above really throw into question what is and isn’t a “legitimate” link as far as Google is concerned, I thought this was an important topic to cover on my podcast.

  • Episode 183: Are you making the same mistake as Donald Trump?

    Released on July 6, 2016 Duration: 00:08:49

    As we make our way slowly and painfully through the 2016 presidential campaign season, a lot of attention has been paid by the media on how the top candidates are running their campaigns. Essentially, a presidential campaign is a small business. It has employees, it needs to generate income, and–above all–it needs to market itself. In fact, in the political world “campaigning” is basically another word for marketing. With that in mind, small business owners can learn some valuable lessons from the presidential campaigns–which, in some cases, are more about what not to do than what to do. This is especially true when it comes to Donald Trump’s campaign, which has been in the news recently due to the fact that he just fired his campaign manager and is lagging far behind rival Hillary Clinton when it comes to fundraising. There are many reasons that Trump’s campaign is struggling that have nothing to do with marketing, but there is one area where he is dropping the ball and making the same mistake that many small business owners do (ironic, given the fact that he is trying to brand himself as a great businessman)–and that is not using email marketing properly or even at all. Listen to today's episode to find out exactly what he is doing wrong and how you can avoid making the same mistakes.

  • Episode 184: CPA Marketing Case Study

    Released on July 12, 2016 Duration: 00:13:14

    Today's episode features another small business marketing case study, this time with a local accountant. I think you'll enjoy this case study, because prior to working with me the accountant was in a situation very common for local small business owners. He was heavily invested in "traditional" marketing tactics like the Yellow Pages and sponsoring local events, while at the same time not having much of an online presence. In my interview with the CPA, we discuss how our project changed that and what results he is seeing from our work.

  • Episode 185: How to Optimize Your Google My Business Listing and Clain the Status of Top-Rated Provider in Your Area

    Released on July 20, 2016 Duration: 00:14:19

    If you’re one of the many local business owners who is frustrated or confused about what’s going on with your Google My Business page (which used to be your Google+ page, which used to be Google places, which is kinda sorta the same thing as your Google Maps listing but not really…), I feel your pain. I deal with this stuff every day; helping businesses set up and optimize their Google My Business pages is part of my job, and even I get confused sometimes. In my opinion, Google has really made a mess of this and has done a terrible job explaining to local business owners what they need to do to properly set up their page. In an attempt to clear up some of the confusion about Google My Business and help you take advantage of the opportunity it presents, in this week’s podcast episode I explain how to optimize your Google My Business page and how to leverage it to become the top-rated provider in your local area.

  • Episode 186: Radio Advertising Tips from Paul VanWagoner

    Released on July 26, 2016 Duration: 00:24:10

    Paul VanWagoner from ESPN Radio in Blacksburg, VA provides some great tips about how to get the most out of radio adverting. In my interview with Paul, we discuss what types of businesses should be advertising on the radio, what common mistakes businesses make in their radio ads, and what strategies they should use for successful radio advertising campaigns.

  • Episode 187: Pliney the Elder and Scarcity Marketing

    Released on August 3, 2016 Duration: 00:08:55

    What does an award-winning craft beer have to do with small business marketing? Well, if that beer is Pliney the Elder (produced by the Russian River Breweing Company), then it is the perfect case study in scarcity marketing--that is, the strategy of limiting the supply of a product or service in order to drive up the demand. In today's episode, I talk about the Pliney the Elder phenomenon and how you can use scarcity marketing in your own business.

  • Episode 188: What would you do with $1,000 to spend on marketing?

    Released on August 11, 2016 Duration: 00:10:08

    I have an opening in my schedule for a new client, and since I don't like waiting around hoping a new client will turn up, I'm making an very special offer to the next small business owner who becomes my client. Listen to today's episode to find out what the offer is and how you can take advantage of it.

  • Episode 189: Supercharging Your Referral Marketing and Customer Retention Programs with Printed Newsletters

    Released on August 17, 2016 Duration: 00:19:56

    One of the most effective and affordable marketing strategies around is also one of the least sexy and most underutilized. That's the message shared by Shaun Buck, the CEO of The Newsletter Pro, on the most recent episode of the Small Business Marketing Minute podcast. The strategy Shaun is speaking about is customer retention--i.e., increasing the average amount of time that a client or customer pays you for your services. You see, although you might like to think that when someone becomes your customer, they will be your customer forever, deep down you know that's not true. By making a conscious effort to increase the value of your customers by forming a close relationship with them, you will make it possible to spend more money to acquire a new customer. Not only that, but you'll get more referrals from your customers if they feel a strong connection and affinity for your brand. In my interview with Shaun, we talk about why customer retention is such an important marketing strategy, and why so many business owners aren't paying more attention to it. We also talk about how Shaun has used the tactic of print newsletters very successfully to increase customer retention both for his own business and for the clients of The Newsletter Pro. I guarantee that if you listen to the interview, by the end of it you'll be fired up about starting a printed newsletter for your business (or hiring Shaun to do it all for you).

  • Episode 190: Using LinkedIn Effectively

    Released on August 25, 2016 Duration: 00:17:58

    One of the most under-utilized social media platforms for local business owners is LinkedIn. Many of them don't even have a LinkedIn profile, and those that do often are not doing much with it. However, when used correctly it can be a very effective marketing tool, especially for B2B marketing or for finding strategic partners. In today's episode, I interview Liam Austin, the founder of Entrepreneurs HQ, about LinkedIn marketing. We also discuss his upcoming online video success summit, and what you'll learn if you attend (the summit is free, by the way).

  • Episode 191: Here Come the Drones!

    Released on September 1, 2016 Duration: 00:08:36

    The FAA recently announced that by this time next year, it estimates there will be 600,000 commercial drones operating in the U.S. Many of them will either be operated by small businesses or will be serving small businesses in some way. In today's podcast, I talk about eight different types of businesses who might be impacted by drones, especially when it comes to marketing.

  • Episode 192: One Mobile App Every Small Business Should Be Using

    Released on September 5, 2016 Duration: 00:12:03

    Have you ever wished your business had a mobile app that your customers could use to request service, download coupons, access important documents, watch how-to videos about your products or services, etc? What if I told you that you can now have such an app for less than $400 a year? Better yet, what if it were completely customizable in every way, and what if users of the app could send it to a friend instantly using a text message? Do I have your attention? Good. Because this app exists, and if you want it you can literally start using it within a few minutes. Listen to this episode for details, and then go to to get your app.

  • Episode 193: SEO for Growth

    Released on September 24, 2016 Duration: 00:26:48

    For local business owners, there probably isn't any marketing subject that is more confusing and misunderstood than search engine optimization. In fact, there is so much confusion about this subject that there are many less-than-reputable companies and even outright scammers that are taking advantage of the confusion to sell "SEO services" to local businesses that are either completely ineffective or that actually do more harm than good. Luckily, a new book by Phil Singleton and John Jantsch called SEO for Growth goes a long way towards busting many of the myths about SEO and clearing up the confusion. Written in language that even non-technical local business owners can understand, the book covers everything from how to design a website with SEO in mind to good link-building strategies. On this week's episode of my podcast, I'm joined by Phil Singleton to discuss the new book. Some of the questions I ask Phil in the interview include: What are some of the biggest myths about SEO among local business owners? What criteria should local business owners use when selecting and SEO professional to work with if they choose to outsource this task? What's the big deal about setting up a Google My Business page, and why should local business owners care about it? What are some of the scams related to SEO that local business owners should watch out for? Listen to my interview with Phil to hear his answers to these questions.

  • Episode 194: Jim Palmer Discusses Decision-Making Skills

    Released on October 15, 2016 Duration: 00:19:04

    Small business owners make important decisions just about every day, and in many cases those decisions have important ramifications for the future of their business and even their life. Sometimes the pressure of making so many important decisions can be paralyzing and frightening. In his new book Decide, Jim Palmer, a successful business coach and the creator of Dream Business Academy, lays out a step-by-step process for making some of the most important decisions any entrepreneur will face. Specifically, among other things he addresses: Deciding to be authentic Deciding to delegate Deciding not to be perfect Deciding to “take out your head trash” Deciding to be profitable

  • Episode 195: Five Marketing Experts You Should Follow

    Released on November 19, 2016 Duration: 00:10:28

    At this year's Duct Tape Marketing Summit in Phoenix, Arizona, we had a number of top marketing experts come and speak about their areas of expertise. They had lots of great information on everything from Facebook advertising to sales processes. In today's episode, I give a short summary of what each expert talked about and let you know where you can go to learn more about them.

  • Episode 196: Tom Corson-Knowles Discusses Book Authorship as a Marketing Tactic

    Released on December 9, 2016 Duration: 00:22:12

    My most recent guest on the Small Business Marketing Minute podcast was Tom Corson-Knowles, the founder of TCK Publishing and One of the things he specializes in is helping business owners write and publish books so that they can position themselves as a trusted authority in their niche. As you know if you’re been reading my blog or listening to my podcast for any length of time, I wrote and published a book in 2015 about small business marketing that has helped my business grow significantly since that time. Naturally, this has made me a big believer in book authorship as a marketing tactic for local business owners. Many of you reading this right now are probably thinking to yourself that this sounds like a great strategy for other people, but would never work for you, because… You’re not a good writer… You don’t have the time to write a book… You don’t have anything interesting to say… It’s a tactic that just wouldn’t work for your industry… …or any of a half-dozen other excuses. If that’s the case, then you need to listen to my interview with Tom, because he blows all those excuses right out of the water. The truth is, as Tom explains, that the only thing standing between you and a book with your name on the cover is your limiting beliefs. In our interview, I ask Tom: Why local business owners should consider writing a book How they can decide what to write about How they can go about getting the work done even if they aren’t a great writer I also asked Tom to share a real-life example about a local business owner who successfully used book authorship to increase his sales, and the example he shared is actually one that many local business owners can replicate. Listen to my interview with Tom Corson-Knowles and learn all about how to write and publish a book to promote your business.

  • Episode 197: Leigh Martinuzzi Discusses How Local Business Owners Can Use Virtual Assistants

    Released on December 16, 2016 Duration: 00:29:58

    My guest for Episode 197 of the Small Business Marketing Minute podcast was Leigh Martinuzzi, the author of a book called Your Virtual Freedom that is coming out in January 2017. In my interview with Leigh, we discussed some of the many tasks that local business owners can outsource to virtual assistants, and why they would want to do that in the first place. He also provided some tips about how to work effectively with virtual assistants in order to get the most from their services. If you have never worked with a virtual assistant before or aren’t even sure what a virtual assistant is, then I highly suggest you listen to this episode—what you learn might very well change the way you do business. Here are some of the questions I asked Leigh in our interview: What exactly is a "virtual" assistant? What are the benefits of using a virtual assistant instead of a payroll employee? What are some common tasks a local business owner might outsource to a VA? Is there an advantage to using a virtual assistant agency vs hiring an individual virtual assistant? Where are some good places to find virtual assistants? In addition to answering all of the above questions (and many more), Leigh was kind enough to offer listeners to the show a free advance copy of his book. To get the book, simply click here and then click on the book image for Your Virtual Freedom. When prompted, enter the coupon code FREE to download the book (Note: this will only work up until the book is released in January 2017--after that time, you can pick up a copy on Amazon).

  • Episode 198: Five Simple Marketing Ideas to Move the Needle in 2017

    Released on December 28, 2016 Duration: 00:29:58

    If you want to grow your business in 2017 but don't have a lot of money or time to spend on marketing, you're in luck. In my most recent episode of the Small Business Marketing Minute podcast, I give you five simple, affordable, and practical marketing ideas that will actually move the needle for you. Unless you seriously screw up the implementation of these ideas, they are just about guaranteed to result in more profits and customers for your business. None of them are earth-shattering or revolutionary concepts, but none-the-less most local businesses are not using them. This means that if you have the discipline to use any of these tactics consistently, you'll probably be one or two steps ahead of your competitors. Listen to the episode to hear the ideas and get tips on how to implement them.

  • Episode 199: Why Ignorance is Not Bliss When it Comes to Managing Your Domain & Web Hosting Accounts

    Released on January 23, 2017 Duration:

    I've said it before, and I'll say it again--you, as a small business owner, MUST retain top-level administrative access to all web hosting, domain, and social media accounts. The reason I'm harping on this subject yet again is that I recently read a story in the news about an online university who didn't follow this advice, and it nearly cost them $200,000 to fix the problem. Listen to today's episode to hear the story and learn how to avoid this problem in your own business.

  • Episode 200: Google Reviews Update and SSL Certificates

    Released on February 11, 2017 Duration:

    For the 200th episode of the podcast, I have two "half-episodes" covering topics that don't quite merit a full episode, but that are somewhat time-sensitive. The topics are changes to how Google displays star ratings for reviews, and an update on my recommendations regarding SSL certificates for websites. Enjoy!

  • Episode 201: Wiston Litherill Discusses the Value of Customer Interviews

    Released on February 18, 2017 Duration:

    Liston Witherill is the CEO of Good Funnel, a digital marketing agency based in Portland, Oregon. It focuses on data-driven and performance marketing to help clients increase conversions and hone brand messages. Liston shares the philosophy used by myself and many other of the consultants in the Duct Tape Marketing Consultant Network, which is that before you jump into marketing tactics for a client you must first understand why their customers buy from them. That’s where interviewing our clients’ customers helps. In my interview with Liston, we compare notes on how we go about the process of doing the interviews, what questions we ask in the interviews, and what kind of insight into our client’s businesses we get from doing it. Liston also discusses how he uses those insights to increase conversions for his clients. If you take the time to listen to the interview, I think you’ll walk away with some great ideas about how you can use feedback from your customers to make adjustments to your own marketing strategy that could significantly improve your results.

  • Episode 202: Scott Scanlon Discusses How to Curate Content to Grow Your Audience

    Released on February 27, 2017 Duration:

    If you’re a local small business owner that knows content marketing is important but you just don’t have the time to create your own content (or the money to pay someone else to do it), then Scott Scanlon has just the solution for you. Scott is the founder and owner of Curation Suite, a tool that makes the process of content curation easier than ever. What is content curation, you ask? Content curation is basically taking other people’s content and using it–legally–to drive traffic to your platform. For example, let’s say that you have a home services business, and there is a home and garden show taking place in your community in which you will be participating. You could post a short article on your blog that announces your participation in the show, lists the date and time of the show and some of the events surrounding the show, and includes an embedded video from the show’s YouTube channel featuring highlights of a previous show. All you’re doing is re-stating information that is already posted online elsewhere, but by putting it on YOUR website, it reinforces your business’s connection to the community and helps increase the chances that your website will turn up in internet searches, especially searches related to the home and garden show. That’s just one of the many, many ways that local businesses can curate content. In my podcast interview with Scott Scanlon, we discuss more examples, including several real-life case studies from businesses Scott has worked with. If you listen to the episode, you’ll walk away with some concrete ideas about how and why you should seriously consider developing a content curation strategy for your business.

  • Episode 203: How to get on a Top 100 Blog List

    Released on March 25, 2017 Duration:

    I recently achieved a big win for one of my local small business clients. His website was added to a list of the top 100 blogs in his niche, giving him a high-quality backlink to his website and increased credibility. In this episode, I tell you how I did it and what you need to do to do it for yourself.

  • Episode 204: How to Make a Professional Video with a Webcam and USB Microphone

    Released on April 20, 2017 Duration:

    If you own a local business, you probably know that you should be producing video content to help promote your business online. Despite the fact that you know this, you probably aren’t doing it, because you’re intimidated by the thought of trying to make a video that represents your business in a professional manner. You probably think you need all kinds of expensive equipment, video editing skills, and knowledge of video production techniques to make a video that doesn’t embarrass you. If that’s what you’re thinking, you’d be wrong, and in the most recent episode of my podcast, I prove it by showing you exactly how to produce a very professional-looking video with nothing but a webcam and USB microphone, which combined can be purchased for less than $150. Watch the episode to see how I did it, and then go out and do it for yourself so that you can start reaping the benefits of having good, quality video content to supplement your marketing efforts.

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    Released on April 25, 2017 Duration: 00:08:26

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