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Find out how PEMF, DOPA Factors, EPA and DHEA are quickly becoming "natural tools" for people with brain injuries.

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Pulsed Electro Magnetic Frequency is gaining more popularity since the published results from NASA and the FDA. Depression is one of the major health conditions researchers found to be treatable with PEMF Therapy.


DOPA Factors: contain botanical extracts, antioxidants, and 5-mthf to support healthy levels of neurotransmitters which may be depleted by stress and a hectic lifestyle.

EPA/DHEA (fish oil): one of the main components of the brain. brain injury, depression and alzeihmer's often parallel people with lower levels of these nutrients.


The Blood Brain Barrier (BBB) is the last line of defense that protects your Cerebral Spinal Fluid (CSF) from getting contaminated. Often with brain injuries or whiplash, the density of this barrier gets changed, and allows certain types of molecules (like MSG) to penetrate into our brain and wreak havoc.

PEMF Treatment Centers

Back To Action Chiropractic and Massage Center is one of the first clinics in the Pacific Northwest to have a Magna Wave PEMF unit. Dr. Dreessen has been working extensively with Magna Wave to help create the curriculum needed for practitioners around the United States to treat patients with PEMF Therapy.

Chiroprators are Spinal Neurologists that look to the relationship of the brain, spinal cord, spinal nerves and the vertebra of the spine. Using their hands, they manipulate the spine to remove interference on the nerves so the body can heal itself when possible. The Greek word for the hand is "Chiro" - which is where Chiropractic gets its name.

The Magna Wave Pulsed Electro Magnetic Frequency Machine. There are also smaller versions that Magna Wave has as well.

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Magna Wave is owned by Pat Ziemer - you can find his latest book on the subject of PEMF, along with Dr. Dreessen soon to be released on Amazon Kindle

Dr. Jerry Dreessen DC, CCSP

PEMF Magna Wave Certified Instuctor

Do Feel Like Your Gears Are Stuck?

You are not alone. There are thousands of people just like you who are trying to figure out what's wrong with themselves. Brain injuries are very hard to detect for the majority of people suffering from whiplash and head trauma events. If you or a loved one are experiencing symptoms that could be brain injury related, feel free to download the information from Dr. Dreessen, and join his emailing list for more updated information as it comes available.

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