How Authors can use Social Media in 2016

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This short guide will show you how authors can use Social Media to quickly engage your target audience for FREE or virtually no cost!

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  • This guide will show you the DOs & DON'Ts of using Social Media as an author before you even post your first piece of content. 
  • Get simple & effective suggestions of where to promote your message to reach the LARGEST segment of your audience.
  • Create a content marketing path for the future to better engage your audience for current & future publications.
  • Become an authority to your audience and establish strong credibility.
  • By implementiing Social Media strategies now, you are helping yourself to re-enforce your brand for the long term.
  • Get Started Immediately: Instant delivery to your inbox so there's no time wasted! 

"What's in it for me?"

1. Discover

With this Social Media for Authors roadmap, you'll be able to discover exactly where & what your audience wants to see from you to better promote your brand now and in the future.

2. The Fix

Once you've discovered your Social Media 'arena' for your audience, you will be able to engage a motivated audience for pennies & promote future content and courses to them! 

3. Strategy

Now that you're Social Media platofrms are generating engagement, you can implement a strategy that will bring traffic to your door without having to wonder if customers will engage with my marketing! They will already be there with their hand up saying, "Yes, I want to hear from you!"

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