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The Problem

Many artist and brands feel overwhelmed by the volume of information, options, competition and opportunities in marketing and sonic strategies. 

The Guide

The book is a manual to help sort though the maze and understand the landscape of these options, possibilities and difficulties brands and bands have when partnering together.


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This book draws on academic research, personal experience and insights from leading figures in the music, sonic and brand industry. 

"The Brand and The Band was completed as part of my degree in Audio and Music Technology @ University of The West of England in Bristol. I've had experience in the music publishing sector @ Peer Music which gave me first hand experience in the synchronisation side of the business for artists as well as brands."

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Why This Book?

"I wrote this book because I could not find what i wanted in any existing publication. Most are about music marketing or brand management rather than about the use of sound and music in marketing. A book covering multiple areas in sonic branding offers new and valuable information for today's music executive, brand managers and artists."

Laura Montarroso - Author of THE BRAND AND THE BAND

What it is About

'THE BRAND AND THE BAND' is a book that examines two perspectives/markets at the same time: that of bands and of brands. In addition, it clarifies what both of these parties are looking for when they form a partnership and it explains the merit of setting the stage for its marketing potential. Furthermore, it  brings together an understanding of how the internet, social media and the sharing economy is affecting the music industry."


"THE BRAND AND THE BAND'  demonstrates how brands are embracing the music industry as they learn that music and sound in itself is a powerful, emotional and persuasive force. It show how businesses can benefit from new strategies when music is incorporated into media and it explains how artists can help change consumer perceptions of a company.

Engaging Authentic Brands through Sonic Branding!

Brands are reaching out to their customers using authentic emotional and engaging message and interaction that appeal to all senses: Sight, Touch,Smell, Taste and Hearing. Out of these, SOUND & HEARING has and continues to be a major force in marketing, in  movies, TV, radio and by word of mouth. Music takes it to another level in terms of recall, recognition, persistence and emotional appeal. This is why the sonic movement in branding has been adopted by many of the most powerful brands in the world. But music branding is not limited to large brands: all companies large and small, artists, musicians and music industry professionals can build emotive, engaging and authentic brands by working together.


Why music and sound?

Music is the most meaningful, authentic and universal way to communicate in the world. "Music has more ability to activate more parts of the brain than any other stimulus" (Alive Inside).


Industry Need

Brands are seeking inovative way to use music and sound to convey an authentic message that builds lasting emotional and personal relations for their consumers. However, do they understand each others language when partnering together?



The Book is a Guide for both artists and brands  on understanding the importance of music in branding and a Guide to building authentic brands with sonic branding stratgies & partnerships. Our membership site will be a place where brands and bands can mingle and connect.

Featured Content!

Hear are some of the features of the book:

  • music and sound strategy in brand identity
  • guidance for artists seeking brand partnerships
  • history of music in advertising
  • contemporary strategies of advertising agencies
  • advice for marketing professionals aiming to improve their music strategy
  • case studies illustrating how music affects brand success and sonic branding examples
  • exclusive insight from leading figures in marketing and the music industry


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