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Mark Hanf

Insider’s Guide to Attracting Private Money is written by industry insider Mark Hanf, broker and president of Pacific Private Money, Inc.  Pacific Private Money, Inc. is one of the fastest-growing hard money loan brokerages in Northern California.  The company originated over $150 million in loans in the last few years, many of them “fix & flip” loans to rehabbers and flippers. 

Having uncovered the secret to gaining access to unlimited private capital, Mark attracted hundreds of private investors to his lending practice and is now known as the “Private Money Guy.”  He is a regular speaker at real estate events and clubs throughout California, and is a member of the American Association of Private Money Lenders (AAPL) and the California Mortgage Association (CMA). 

Mark is co-host of a popular San Francisco Bay Area weekly 1-hour real estate radio show on 910 AM KKSF, “The Best of Investing”.  He was asked by a leading real estate training organization to conduct a two-day boot camp and six-week mastermind coaching program on Attracting Private Money.  The enthusiastic marketplace reception towards these events was a significant part of the inspiration for this book and accompanying educational video series, The Insider’s Guide to Attracting Private Money Video Training Program, available at

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