Low Carb & Paleo Christmas - Healthy Easy Recipes Mark Moxom

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Mark Moxom

About the Author

Mark Moxom BEng, MEng is the editor of the Low Carb Mag and outspoken presenter on the weekly Lowcarb and Paleo Show.
Over the many years in the sector he has built up a substantial amount of knowledge on natural health and diet and is a Number One best selling author of a number of books and articles on this subject.
Mark has been free from medical care for over 30 years believing prevention through good nutrition and exercise are better than trying to get fixed when your broken. (Typical engineer)
He spends a lot of his time in France and speaks both French and English. Easy access to the vast riches of European cultures has given him opportunity to gain a good working insight into international cuisine and diet as well as test his self control when being surrounded by so much good food.
Mark also enjoys cooking and has come up with some absolutely delicious low-carb dishes.

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