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Learn the Seven Steps to Small Business Marketing Success

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What You'll Learn

Learn the seven steps of the world-famous Duct Tape Marketing system, widely recognized as the most successful small business marketing system ever created.  In this 1-hour webinar, I'll teach you: 

  • How to identify your ideal customer
  • How to differentiate your business from the competition
  • What type of content to create to build trust among prospective customers
  • How to turn your customers into referral sources
  • How to create a total online presence for your business, and what tools to use to make it easier
  • What type of advertising to use to get the best return on investment
  • How to generate leads using public relations

In addition, I'll show you how to create a marketing calendar for your business so that you know what needs to be done on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis to operate your marketing system. 

I guarantee that in this webinar, I will change the way you think about marketing, and give you at least three ideas you can take immediate action on to dramatically improve your marketing results.

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