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Dukascopy temporarily suspended Molecule6's account in reaction to a problem I have here in Quebec, Canada.  The Quebec Market Authority is questioning the legitimacy of Molecule6 activities.  They are afraid that money management is done by Molecule6, which is illegal here in Quebec without a license. Everyone knows for a fact that I do not trade accounts or money for others. The worst part is that I am considered guilty by Dukascopy, and The Quebec Market Authority before I even had an audit. 

So, I defended Molecule6 at the hearing. The first and second day of the audit went very well June 13th and 20th.   Now, we need to wait for the official decision.  My lawyer explained to me that the law requires they give a written decision, so they could not decide on the bench.  He also told me that they were backed up and it is summer. It may take from a few weeks if lucky, to months to receive the decision.  

When Molecule6's name is cleared, Dukascopy will reactivate the introducing agent account and all, including rebates, will be back to normal…


Andre Gauthier

T.  1 (819) 563-8823

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